Saturday, March 19, 2011

what ever may come

Oliver wasn't sure if he wanted to tell Kayla the story behind the ring. Besides, it really had sat a very long time in his mother's jewelry box. His Great Aunt told him it was just wasting away. He could pawn it, if he wanted. But he never got that desperate.

He liked to think there was a boy who had loved his mother once when she was just a teen. They'd been quite academic back then. He didn't know what went exactly wrong, but she'd kept the ring. And now it was his.

"Do you like it?" He wanted to know if they should find another. It probably wouldn't fit. Just a simple little diamond glistened in the light.

"Well, of course, I love it." Kayla was all smiles to have it on her finger. She vowed she would not take it off.

Oliver, was a little light headed. There they were in the little cafe at the end of the day. He was still in his apron. "Perhaps, we should call someone." His Dad, in fact.

Before he could make the call the old owner had a look at the ring and instantly planned the wedding. "You could have the wedding, right here. Come May." She was set to pay for it.

"Oh, no, we..we.." Oliver was shaking his head no, but he saw that look on Kayla's face that that might be their only hope of a real white wedding. "Yes..yes..that..that would be lovely." He nodded. They were blanketed with kisses of red lipstick on their cheeks. It seemed finalized. The old woman was off then to the last matinee of the day.

"You'd really want it here?" He looked at Kayla, wondering how in the world was he going to cater such a function when it was only him, doing the cooking.

"Why not?" Kayla gave him a charming smile, "Nothing ever exciting happens in Old Towne."

"Precisely, I'm sure we are on to something." Oliver sighed. He was getting married, and he didn't even remember actually asking Kayla the question, properly.


Holly said...

This is exciting. I hope its an OK wedding.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope everything is magical for their wedding! :)

molly said...

Well, this should be fun. I hope.

lucy and sarah said...

This is so sweet.

ivy's closet said...

I hope its a happy time for them.

Lux and Stan said...

So sweet. Makes me think of the prince's wedding.