Sunday, March 20, 2011

so you say

It wasn't a very organized dinner at Ellie's dad, but everyone was there, even Ellie's sister and her bunch. She supposed the real reason they were over for the chili feed was that Sam was back. And even if Ellie didn't know him all that well, it was good to see him. He seemed different now. Not Mr. Tough guy who was going to do something big with his life. He seemed much more down to earth now and a lot more like Kyle. Really, they were truly brothers, and it was fun to watch them together.

Sam held babies, but Rosie seemed to cling to him the most. Finally, she tired of him and went off to play with Hannah and the other kids.

"I can't believe Amber didn't come." Sam said to Kyle or who ever would listen. "I don't think she likes me." He looked at Ellie. They were both filling their bowls of chili with cheese toppings and other goodies.

"She was going to her folks house." Kyle looked at him as if Sam didn't need to take her absence so personal. "It had nothing to do with you."

"I think I must scare her or something." He shrugged.

"Yeah, right." Ellie teased. "I bet you don't even scare third graders." She told him she was happy he got on at the same school with Elliot which was like opening up a whole new can of worms.

Sam just couldn't shut up about how he didn't connect two and two together. "I had no idea it was Elliot that Amanda even left Kyle for. Where have I been?" He was so animated about it. Kyle rolled his eyes at that.

"I share all my brother's friends..with my ex-girlfriends." Kyle whispered. He almost tripped Sam, just to tell him to stop talking so much about Amanda and Elliot. "This really isn't the place."

"Oh, let him talk, Kyle." Ellie couldn't help but laugh. She turned to Lon who's bowl was already empty. He was pouring honey on his cornbread. He offered her to try. Finally, he got around to talking to Sam.

"We gotta get together. Maybe when it warms up. We'll have a cookout or something." Lon told Sam.

After while, the guys got together to talk about games, cars and even fishing and hunting.

Ellie didn't eat much of the chili since she didn't know how Zoe might feel about it. She'd hate to upset the baby's stomach. She was still breast feeding. She and Zoe went to see what the kids where doing.

Lisa was relaxing on the couch. She asked Ellie if she'd seen their mother, lately.

"I've called a couple of times, but she sounds tired. Doesn't say much other than she's fine. Its like, she wants me to leave her alone." Ellie shrugged. As it was, Ellie hadn't been there for her, for the hip replacement, due to bad weather, colds and the kids. "Wasn't that friend of her's suppose to be staying with her?"

"Yeah, about that." Lisa didn't look too pleased about it. "He's so young."

Ellie looked around wondering if her Dad heard her. She should have known her mother was going to keep this guy a secret.

"I think she's got a homeless guy living with her, Ellie." Lisa then told her.

"No way." Ellie cracked up. Her sister had to be joking, but it was still a couple of weeks until April Fool's day.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I never realized Ellie's mom was so out of sorts. It's tough to deal with. :/

a book of short stories said...

Catching up with family. Oh, the surprises!

lucy and sarah said...

I like that Ellie feels some close ties with Kyle and even Sam.

molly said...

Its funny how Sam is worried that Amber doesn't like him.

Krystal said...

when families get together...always an interesting time!

meg said...

I wonder what's up with Amber. And Ellie's Mom...that's a shock. So much going on. Sam, worry about why Amber doesn't like him.

Em [The Writer] said...

Family dinners can be awkward but I think it was handled well.

Lux and Stan said...

Oh, family dinners can be so full of surprises. Maybe this about her Mom is going to bring her and Lisa closer together.