Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just a little closer

Rosie had finally talked Kyle into it. Everyday, it was the same thing. She wanted to go where the horsies were. She said, "you could go around and around on them." It was a new place, according to her. Jai went to his cousin's birthday there.

But once they got there, Kyle saw it was the place where he'd gone, as a kid. Not exactly a Chucky Cheese, but a very close second. They were going to meet Jai there. Rosie surprised him.

"What?" He didn't remember that part. He was beginning to think Rosie was pretty tricky. But she found Jai right away. There a little boy, who was just about as hyper as Rosie, gave her a big hug and they were on the floor in no time.

"Jai." His mother looked at him sternly. "What have I told you about that?" She gave him a slightly harsh stare. Finally when she went to get a napkin to wipe his face, he knew her. It was a shock.

"Your Jai's Mom?" Kyle smiled. How long had it been? It was Roxie. His first bad influence, he supposed.

"What are you doing here?" She got up then and gave him a hug. "You an uncle or something."

"No, uncle." He shrugged.

She looked at Rosie and smiled more. "He talks about her nonstop." Roxie looked back at him. "I can't believe she's yours."

He sat down with Roxie. The kids went off to play on a playground their size. The Merry-go-around was closed at the moment.

"So how have you been?" Kyle asked as she kept a watchful eye on the kids.

"It could be worse. It would be nice to win the lottery. But you know, I'm not that lucky." She grabbed her drink and sipped through the straw. "I'm not with Jai's Dad, if you were wondering. He's in Chicago. I'm trying to help my sister with her Salon. Maybe I could give you a discount."

"Well, its just me and Rosie." He told her. She asked the low down on everyone. He told her about Kelsey and Nick. Even Ellie.

"I doubt they'd even know me." Her smile was just a little mischievous. "I swear, you do not age, Kyle. You just don't. You're as baby-faced as you ever were."

Just what Kyle wanted to hear. But Roxie looked more sure of herself than ever. He was glad to see her.


better days said...

Wow, she must have been the last person he expected.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe Roxie is just what he needs right now. :)

molly said...

Oh, they need to catch-up.

lucy and sarah said...

What a total surprise!

Holly said...

I wonder how this'll go.

Lux and Stan said...

Oh, how funny..they both have little one.

Krystal said...

ooo a new romance blossoming? :)

Bex said...

That Rosie knows how to pick'm

Mimi said...

yay rosie! ;)

p.s. is that shay mitchell from pretty little liars?

<3, Mimi

lily said...

Rosie is something else.