Monday, April 11, 2011

Lets go surfing

Doyle felt better to have Kyle along for their little adventure at the clinic. The guy who had given them the test eyed them both.

"Who cheated on who?" Doyle supposed Finn was just making conversation even if he got a nudge from Kyle that that wasn't everyday conversation.

"My boyfriend and his girlfriend." Doyle said it before he meant too.

"Oh,'re not a couple?" Finn snapped off his plastic gloves once everything was in order and the procedures done. He stood there in his white jacket. Doyle tried not to make eye contact. He kept staring at the blue name tag. He'd never met a Finn before.

"Hardly." Kyle rolled his eyes.

"Roommate. Used to be." Doyle yet again said more than he'd meant too.

This was how it began. Of course, later, Doyle was sure he wouldn't see Finn, again. He mentioned this to Kyle while they were out for coffee.

"You know you will." Kyle gave him a sly grin.

"I shouldn't be thinking - you know." Doyle was giddy and nervous. A part of himself promised he'd never date again. Yet, he couldn't help but think of Finn. "He probably has a boyfriend."

"Well, he knows that you don't." Kyle shrugged.

"I dunno what I'm getting into." Doyle frowned as if it were too soon. It was.

"Roger wasted no time. So, you know, see if the dude is available." Kyle suggested.

"No, I couldn't." Doyle didn't feel right about it. He loved Roger. Or he did. He couldn't be hurt like that again. "What about you, huh, you gonna date again?" Doyle focused on his black coffee. He held his hands around the mug, to warm himself.

"I'm out of the dating game. Completely." Kyle told Doyle.

"See. I should too. Like never." Doyle sucked in a breath.

"Don't say that." Kyle winced. "You never know, you might be missing something great. I saw the way this Finn guy looked at you. He was checking you out."

Doyle almost felt humored. He didn't want to smile. "No, he didn't." Doyle winced as he sat there. Not hungry for the blueberry pie in front of him. Just thoughts of Finn kept rushing back. Which was worse? Not thinking of Roger and thinking of this guy he'd met who worked at the clinic or wishing he could get Roger out of his mind.


The Blonde Duck said...

Oh, it's so hard.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Love is so confusing! :/

Krystal said...

he needs a rebound relationship!

lucy and sarah said...

Well, I'd give Finn a chance.

Mimi said...

oh gosh... so complicated! :O

<3, Mimi

C... said...

Oy !!! Relationship angst.

meg said...

Well, I think I'd at least give Finn a know...

hollyoaks fan fic said...

What a situation!

meg said...

I hope he gives Finn a chance.