Sunday, April 10, 2011

raising Coleman

Liz knew who the baby looked like. He looked just like her Dad. Wrinkles and all. Cole was her baby. Plain and simple. And only she could love. That was just the way it was. And she didn't know why Kip even wanted to see it. But he did.

It was a quiet visit. Coleman was three weeks old. He had Kip's blood type. And her type too. Munro's was different. But did that really mean anything?

Gem was sincere enough. Liz felt more like Kip's sister now than wife. Yet there was a tingle in her throat. Maybe it was sadness or just a damn cold.

Her parents were at another hospital when Cole was born. Her sister had came down with something that turned out completely different than anyone imagined. She couldn't see. But she'd had bronchitis forever. She wouldn't even go to HyVee for the set rate of 70 bucks to get the meds she needed. Her sister didn't have insurance. Bridget spent two nights in ICU. Her electra-lites were down and her blood sugar was high. Her pancreas was dying. Now Bridget gave herself shots of insulin in her stomach. So her parents hadn't seen the baby.

"He's so tiny." was about all Kip would say about the baby. She sensed he was hoping for something else. Something, fare and blue-eyed. No, Coleman looked more like a runt the gypsies wouldn't even keep. But she remained mute. It was Munro who did all the fun stuff with him. Singing him songs about while he held him. Same soothing songs he'd sang to him before the baby was born.

Finally, Kip said he had a trust fund set up for Cole. Liz thought that was a good idea. She guessed. But what if ...she tried not to think that way. What if something happened to the baby? Maybe that was all this would be. A trust fund.

"I'll send some money along." Kip didn't seem to be in any hurry for a divorce.

Some how, Liz couldn't say much of anything to him. She just wasn't up to it.

But there was Munro, all chatty with Gem. He made the meals. Munro's steak and Penni was a hit.

"Its the best." Gem told them both. "He should really open up his own restaurant."

Perhaps it was Gem who made it all plausible. Liz, didn't know for sure. They were such an unlikely family, but she guessed they could do this. Raise Coleman.


Krystal said...

how fun to have this new child around, maybe it will help everyone :)

ivy said...

Munro has his charms though. Maybe he'll bring them all together.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Coleman may just be the glue that brings everyone together! :)

She is Sara said...

Wow so much going on with her and her family!

molly said...

Its interesting about the baby. Hopefully, it'll all work out.

Lux and Stan said...

Sounds like Munro is a hit with the cooking and taking care of the baby.

Holly said...

I feel so bad for her sister.

Bex said...

This is nice.

Anonymous said...

omg..that's her dad???really!!!