Monday, May 16, 2011

an empty place

Sam was pretty proud of himself. There was a place, right around the corner from the school. Granted, the house was kind of old, but still the floors were new, and he was putting in a washer and dryer that his mother didn't want anymore. There wasn't much to fix up.

"See, this is perfect." He told Elliot and Kyle who were there with him. "We'll each have a bedroom."

"I dunno, you'll want to have parties." Kyle was skeptical. Sam rolled his eyes at that and walked away from his little brother.

"I like the location." Elliot studied the walls. They'd been freshly painted white.

"I thought you would." Sam told him that no one had lived here in over nine months. "We could buy the place if we wanted."

"Huh." There went Kyle again, hugging himself as he looked at ever nook and cranny.

"Come on, Kyle." Sam looked at his brother. "You got get out of this funk, you're in."

"I guess, its all right." Kyle kept his arms crossed.

"That's just a galley kitchen." Elliot reminded him.

"You said, you liked the location." Sam's voice echoed through the empty place.

"Yeah. I guess." Elliot walked through the bedrooms. Each were about the same size. Thin closets. There was some parts that needed a lot of love. Like extra storage.

"Look, we can make it a home." Sam felt sure of it.

"I'm in." Elliot shouted back to him.

"I guess so." Kyle croaked.

Sam smiled. He'd finally found them a place.


The Blonde Duck said...


ivy's closet said...

Good for them.

lucy and sarah said...

Sweet. I think Kyle is glad, too.

Krystal said...

aw, very good :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

A very happy time! :)

Winnie said...

Great, looks like they can settle down and get into a routine now that they have found a place to call home!

O V said...

So happy for them! Finally!!!

Through My Eyes said...

See I love this I get to come back to a happy post, made my day (:

Pearl Westwood said...

At last!!

better days said...

Won't this be great.

She is Sara said...

Go Sam! Sounds perfect!

molly said...

Great they have their own place now.