Tuesday, May 17, 2011

everyone needs one

"Of course, I want to help." Doyle was all smiles. It was nice to meet Kyle down at the furniture store. "Its great you guys are getting your own place." He offered to help out with the move, but Kyle said he didn't have that much.

"See, I dunno. I just wonder if, we'll  all get along." Kyle was skeptical. He pushed his hand on a firm bed. As it was, Kyle never really had his own bed. "And, and what about Rosie? Where is she going to sleep?"

"But, but she lives like right around the corner, doesn't she?" Doyle shrugged.

"Well, its about block or two." Kyle sighed so restless.

"You'll think of something. You always do." Doyle had faith in him as he plopped on a queen size to try out.

"I guess." Kyle watched him. Doyle patted down a place for him.

"Why so glum?" Doyle wanted to know.

"Its just...complicated." Kyle laid back on the pillow. "How are things with you and Finn?"

"Good." Doyle smiled. "He's a great roommate."

"But I thought he was your boyfriend?" Kyle rose up on his elbows.

"Yeah, well..we go out. But you know." He didn't know how to explain this. "We're..just still." He smiled then. It was OK that Finn had his room. He had his. It was good to have the space. "We're taking it slow."

"OK." Kyle didn't question it.

"Well, you aren't jumping into anything with anyone, right?" Doyle looked at him out of the corner of his eye.

"Right." Kyle barely said.

"Who is it?" Somebody was on Kyle's mind. Doyle just knew it.

"Its no one." Kyle hugged himself.

"Come on, tell me." Doyle got up and tried the next bed. Kyle went to the one closest to his side.

"Its complicated. We were just friends. And..and now, well, my kid likes her kid." Kyle looked sad about it.

"That's so cute." Doyle smiled. He tried to get comfortable on the bed. But he liked the one before better.

"It is not cute. Seriously, its not." Kyle sat up and moved back to the first one they'd tried together. "What happens, if-if, you know the kids start to hate each other?"

Doyle smiled more. He seriously thought Kyle might be falling in love for someone.


The Blonde Duck said...


Krystal said...

kyle is stressin too much :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Kyle needs to take a chill pill and just relax for once. :)

lucy and sarah said...

Kyle..is really thinking ahead..there.

ivy's closet said...

Doyle is a good friend. I'm glad he's not rushing in to anything with Finn.

cait said...

Kyle is changing so much. I think he's too old for his own good.

Holly said...

hahaha..those 2 trying out beds!

meg said...

I'm sure kyle will do just fine.

Through My Eyes said...

Kyle needs to stop the stressin.