Sunday, May 22, 2011

just wondering

Sam guessed they should have waited for the move, but then again, he didn't want to stay at his Mother's forever. But as it was, it was the guessing game. Sure he had his own space, but then he was sharing a kitchen with two other guys. Did he take his own truck to work, when Elliot was going there too?

As it worked out, they took Elliot's because after all, Sam's truck was a gas gussling vehicle. And now he felt caught in the middle, he could be home already, but he was waiting for Elliot who was doing something in his classroom. That's when he found Rachel in the hallway. She was looking at him as if she might jump into cheerleading mode even if she were in her denim jumper, but he was trying to act like he didn't see that kind of excitement. It was kind of cute, but what if he read it all wrong? What if she were waiting for someone else? Like Elliot. Sam looked behind him as if he were waiting for someone too.

"Hey," Rachel made an effort then. Again, Sam looked around to make sure she was talking to him.

"Hey." He thought, why couldn't he say something else. "Oh. Are you looking for Elliot?"

"No." She held on to her messenger bag strap as if she were going to get out of here and do something big. "Uh..." She took her time. He saw her blush. "Do you want to do something, some...time?"

Sam was caught off guard. "Oh, there is this something, kind of a party. I mean, not ..a real party. Kind of family, yeah, that's what it is. Over at.." Now he was in a sweat trying to explain what he was talking about. The housewarming at Amanda's. "Its Friday night. You want to come."

"I dunno, I'm, I'm usually at the funeral home on Friday night." She shrugged.

"Funeral home?" Sam winced.

"I sing at funerals." She then told him.

"Huh." He never met anyone who sang at funeral.

"And, and I put makeup on dead people." She added very quietly.

"But I thought you were-" She only volunteered here.

"Do you want to go on a matinee Saturday afternoon?" She finally got up her nerve.

"Yeah." He said before he knew what else to say. All though, he kept thinking of her at funerals, and that other thing she did.

"Well, you decide on the movie." She smiled with a shrug. "And I'll drive."

"Then you'll  have to come by Friday night when you get off work, so you'll know how to get to the house." He jotted down his address. He would wait and see if this was really going to work. Rachel was quite different from what he imagined.


Holly said...

Sam is one of a kind.

better days said...

Sam is kind of funny.

monica & jared said...

Rachel maybe working harder than we know.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope he's see something in her so he can at least be her friend.