Friday, June 3, 2011

hit and miss

Well, Sam didn't see it coming. After all, school was out. It was a good start of summer. A wedding. This housewarming, Amanda was set on having. But this was out of nowhere with Kyle.

He hadn't even had breakfast yet. Sam was waiting for the coffee to brew.

"You leave Roxie alone!" Kyle gave Sam a shove. Of course, Sam gave the kid one, right back. Almost knocked Kyle over the kitchen table. But Kyle was in a pout.

"Roxie?" Sam winced. He didn't catch her name. He had to think on it. That name? Sam slightly smiled. "Wait a minute? You? You let her hide out in your room, didn't you? Back when you high school... That was Roxie?" Sam went to get his coffee. "You, you were the one who left her at the wedding, hanging, you know. You just don't do that with someone you ..bring to a wedding." He got his milk. "Don't get all serious on me." Sam looked at Kyle. "You gotta show her, you care. Having a fight with me, isn't exactly showing it." He was perturbed with his little brother. Here it was six in the morning and he could be sleeping in, but he wasn't. Sam didn't want Kyle to have breakfast alone.

Sam went to the fridge then a pulled out a carton of eggs. He felt like cheese omelets this morning.

"You two should date more." Sam told him.

"Well, that can't exactly happen, since-" Kyle sighed.

"So now you need a babysitter, is that it?" Sam looked at Kyle who was finally getting his coffee.

Kyle nodded.

Sam almost smiled. He supposed he'd need somebody to show him those dance moves. He guessed Jai would like that.


ivy's closet said...

I'm glad nothing was broke, after that.

hollyaoks fan fiction said...

Wow, so hope this clears things up, between the 2. I do like Sam.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hopefully they can work things out. :/

lucy and sarah said...

Sam can be good, but I think he can bad when he wants to be too.

cady said...

Oh, Kyle. It seems like Sam is being stable for him.

O V said...

They are definitely brothers.

meg said...

I wonder if those 2 ever got in a bad fight before.

griffin said...

Such brothers they are.