Saturday, June 4, 2011

where will we go

Oliver and Kayla had to put off their honeymoon cruise. As it was, Oliver was practically all the family Estelle had who owned the place where he worked. And that was by default, he supposed.

After a massive funeral, Eric and his dad told him they should just go.

"We'll figure it out, when you get back." Eric really wasn't much help on soothing Oliver's job situation. But Oliver supposed all they could do was try to enjoy a well deserved honeymoon. Yet, it felt the most depressing time to go. Just the thought on a cruise liner made him claustrophobic, but it wasn't like he could tell them that he hated the idea of being at sea. It was paid for. Oliver would some how get through it.

So the first three days they stayed in their room as much as possible. After all, it was their honeymoon. It was suppose to be spent in their room. Even so, soon enough, they were venturing out. Dining, dancing, everything that's suppose to happen on a honeymoon.

"Well, we have to live it up as much as we can." Oliver was sure of it. Everything would change once they got back. There was no job to go back to, for starters. He didn't want to sound sad about it. He was doing his best to stay upbeat and try not to worry Kayla.

"If only I could have thought this through." He told her in one his more breakdown moments, thinking he was possibly the worst husband ever. Maybe he wouldn't be in this predicament.

"It could be worse, you haven't fallen overboard." She teased him instead, wanting him to try a new drink at the bar.

Really, she only stressed him more. That he just couldn't be FUN enough. He so wanted to be home. But he didn't want to worry her about his panic attacks. Shortness of breath. Even his chest hurt. Oliver was really trying to make it a good trip. He wanted Kayla to be happy. She promised him she was.

One morning, he woke up and saw the splotchy red patches on his face. "What else could go wrong?" Oliver was completely distressed. He felt like a walking disaster.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oliver just needs to chill out a bit. He's too tightly wound. :/

lucy and sarah said...

I'm sure its hard not to stress in that situation. Poor guy.

griffin said...

Hope nothing is seriously wrong.

lucy and sarah said...

So many things really did put a damper on their honeymoon.

ivy's closet said...

poor oliver.

Krystal said...

poor guy!!!

meg said...

Wow, wonder what happened to him??