Sunday, June 26, 2011

on the way back

When Eric saw Oliver's face, he knew something was wrong. Something was not quite right.

"What happened?" He wanted to know.

"I'm fine." Oliver left it at that while Eric went to help with the luggage at the airport.

"Did he even rest, Kayla?" Eric wanted to know.

"Well." She sounded tired. Eric supposed he needed to get them home. So he hurried them along and got them situated in his car about thirty minutes later. Just to be in a traffic jam.

"I swear, I get lost here everytime I come." Eric told them as he drove bumper to bumper to the freeway. Finally, they were on their way home. But he'd look over to Oliver ever so often to think something was not right, but he couldn't figure it out. Maybe it was just a sunburn.

"I dunno why we're even in any hurry. Nothing to get back to, really." Oliver finally said as he looked back at Kayla, who was half asleep.

"Oh, cheer up, I'm sure you'll be back on your feet in no time." Eric remained optimistic about Oliver's job situation. "Besides, Dad says you got a call, they want you there when Estelle's will is read."

Oliver rolled his eyes.

"Look, it was a good honeymoon, wasn't it?" Eric hoped they hadn't decided to call it quits, already.

"The best." Oliver made an effort to smile.

Eric smiled too. He was sure his brother would find work. Somehow. Yet Eric knew it was a bit sad for him. He just hoped  Oliver wasn't coming down with something.


Florence said...

omg I love him in xmen

haha thanks for your smiley comment

check out my new post !

Cafe Fashionista said...

As long as they don't lose hope, things will find a way to fall perfectly into place! :)

FWB said...

Hope they'll all help Oliver.

ivy's closet said...

Eric is a caring brother.

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, all will be well, soon.

Kristin said...

Siblings always worry about each other. It definitely comes with the territory!

Through My Eyes said...

I hope things take a turn, I like the new photo (:

meg said...

I do wonder what is wrong with Oliver.

Holly said...

Good to see Eric.

Pearl Westwood said...

Nothing like brotherly love