Saturday, June 25, 2011

not quite the social network

Roger had managed a decent grade on his last accounting class. He didn't see how. He hadn't even stressed over it. He just did it. Still, he wasn't sure he could last through such a career. But the incentives from the company he worked for, helped a little. But still was it enough?

He was bowing out for the second session. He was going to do what Olivia had encouraged him to do. Act. Except, there was really nothing to get into. Everything he knew of, had been casted and were way in to their play practices and into dinner theater.

"Well, have you ever role played?" Someone mentioned who he'd worked with in a play.

Roger made a face. He knew nerds like that in high school. Every weekend was some sort of strange far off land of RPG. "Are you kidding me?" Freaks did that, he thought, not real actors.

"Hey, you gotta give it a chance. Come camping with us. Really, its a great place to hone in on your craft." Leon's lips curled up on the ends as if he'd take Roger for a ride if he wanted.

"I dunno." Roger didn't like the idea.

"Don't be afraid. It keeps you on your toes. Just come along. See what its about, before you rule it out." Leon was serious. Roger knew.

"God, all right." Roger scowled. The thing was, he really wasn't much of a camper. And this wasn't exactly how he thought it would be, getting back into acting. According to Leon, he'd find the best actors at this camp out. Roger was skeptical, but then again, Leon had got on as one of the regulars at the nearby Children's theater. He'd be the one to help him get in with the players there. They were always in need of someone who could act and make the children laugh. Hopefully, babysitting didn't fall into that category, but it just might be what he needed. He might find his future if he played this right.

At the moment, he felt he was at the bottom of the barrel, trying to find a way to get to the top.


Cafe Fashionista said...

The only place left to go is up! :)

ivy's closet said...

Well..everyone needs friends and a chance for new things.

lucy and sarah said...

I think it'll be fun.

Cait said...

I wonder if this is the way to go for Roger???

meg said...

You have to always work for what you get.