Friday, June 24, 2011

worst case scenerio

Jonah got Doyle's bed. It was all right, Doyle guessed. After all, he was sleeping with Finn now. Had been for the last month or so, anyway, before Jonah got there. By the looks of it, Jonah wasn't going anywhere, either.

And he made one mess, after another. The place was beginning to look like a pigsty. Doyle and Finn had to work. Jonah had the TV to entertain him, and he really wasn't fond of PBS either. That was all Doyle and Finn had other than the three other local channels. It wasn't exactly cable, according to Jonah's standards.

"What gives?" Doyle was about to break down in Finn's room. He laid there miserably. He didn't know if he could take another night of Jonah in a bad mood. He didn't like the food. He didn't like their music. Jonah hated everything. Doyle looked up at Finn with a scowl. "How? How did you ever..." Doyle didn't want to mention it, but seriously..he couldn't think of Jonah being romantic.

"About that." Finn looked away with a sad sigh and sat next to Doyle while Jonah was in the livingroom arguing with the TV. Seriously, Doyle was starting to think something was wrong with Jonah.

Doyle looked at Finn who was nursing his bottom lip. Finn began to fidget, but he didn't go to Jonah when he called for him.

"Jonah can be unbearable. I know. And, just think its weird ..if I told you..." Finn frowned then.

"Tell me what?" Doyle looked at Finn out of the corner of his eye thinking he might tell him to pack it up, that he wanted to get back with Jonah.

"See..nothing ..never happened between me and Jonah." Finn sighed.

"What are you talking about?" Doyle winced.

"I'm trying to tell you that..that, yes..I do think Jonah's a genius. Just, its hard to tell at the moment. And..and I did have feelings for him, but.." He licked his dry lips and bit his bottom lip again as he look at Doyle. "He doesn't like to be touched."

"OK." Doyle promised he would not touch him. Finally, it hit him what he was talking about. Doyle winced. No physical relationship.

"I really thought I could handle it, you know. It was more of the idea, of being in love..I guess..than really in love, you know. And I thought for a while, it was like this religious blessing or something. The two of us. Jonah and me. But it was always sad, how..we couldn't be like normal people. You know, I just thought it had ended. The way he wanted it. Now, I dunno what to do." He shook his head. "He has to go. He has to."

"Call his Mom." Doyle told him. "If that doesn't work, well, we have to call the police."

"But we invited him in." Finn looked uncomfortable.

"He's outstayed his welcome." Doyle sighed.

"I don't want to hate him." Finn frowned even more.

"Well, he isn't making it easy to like him, either." Doyle shrugged.

Finn nodded. He grabbed his phone and called Jonah's Mom.


ivy's closet said...

That would be a tricky situation.

FWB said...

Dunno what I'd do with a guest like that. Interesting about Finn and Jonah's past.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hmmm...that would definitely be a complicating situation. :/

lucy and sarah said..., Jonah does sound strange.

Lux and Stan said...

How will they ever get him out of there??

meg said...

Love the new header!

They've got problems!