Monday, June 13, 2011

something to behold

It was a bit un-expect. So soon, in fact, after Elliot's steady diet of phone calls with Penelope over the last few days. Now, dinner with her family.

Well, at least he got to see where she lived. It was one of those minimalist kind of things. So much open space. He had the sudden urge to want to paint as in a painting. Such barren white walls. He hadn't felt this way in a long time about creativty.

"What's the matter?" Penelope looked scared as if he didn't approve of her naked life all in the open for him to see.

"Oh, nothing." He stared at the wall. "Its just..." He sighed. "If-" He scratched the back of his head as if it was just plain silly to even ask. "What if I painted you a picture. A really big one." He knew where a massive canvass was, back in the garage at Amanda's.

"I dunno." She said ever so dully.

"What's your favorite color?" It could be something simple.

"I like blue." She nodded.

"Good." He sighed. He could hardly wait to get back home and start on it, but they had to get through dinner first. So they went to Olivia's, aka..Roger's. Except Roger wasn't there. He was working. It was just Ravi, Olivia and Olivia's real dad (as Penelope stressed.)

"Just call me R.D." Olivia's Dad made light of it.

"All right, R.D." Elliot chuckled.

He thought he heard R.D. say something to Penelope, what a wonderful young woman she'd turned into. He didn't ask about it though.

Then Olivia's real mother, Sophia was all kissing and hugging, everyone. She pinched Elliot's cheeks. "I love him, already, Penelope. You did good."

Elliot cleared his throat. He could see Penelope gasped as she did her best to pull him out of her mother's paws. Then the young fellow that Sophie brought with her was rather sullen and stoic. He said nothing at all.

"Who..who is that?" Elliot asked later while he helped Penelope with the dishes. She wasn't really wanting to socialize with anyone.

"You mean, the one who knocked up my Mom? That's Steve. Olivia's friend." She took her time washing the plates.

"Huh?" This was all so new to him. Knowing the inside of someone else's family. Everyone's family was a little crazy, he guessed.

"God, I don't even know my mother, really." She rolled her eyes.

"But-but R.D. seems to know you." Elliot let slip.

"Yeah, he was kind of my..nanny..when I was little." She shrugged.

"Well-" Elliot smiled. "He, he seems nice."

"I guess so." She sucked in a breath as if she might lose it, if he didn't shut up. So he did. It was quiet. He dried dishes. He thought of the painting, once again, floating in his thoughts. He hoped it could be to her likening. He still really didn't know what Penelope liked. She was definitely a mystery to him.


Lux and Stan said...

Hey, cool about his creativity. I'm glad he was there at the dinner.

ivy's closet said...

I like that-everybody's family is a little crazy. I'm glad Penelope is open with him too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see Penelope show her true colors a bit! :)

molly said...

I think things are going to be OK..maybe.

hollyaoks fan fiction said...

Things might be moving faster than he thinks with Penelope.

She is Sara said...

Good to know it was awkward, but they made it through :) I am excited about the painting!

O V said...

I'm glad Elliot is getting to know her and her family.

meg said...

Oh, I like this!