Wednesday, July 27, 2011

clearly upside down

"Really? You of all people." Elliot finally laid into Sam, just when Sam thought all was normal at home with Rachel. He thought Elliot was fine with everything. But then again, Elliot had his hands full with Pearl. It was kind of funny seeing him all scruffy with his white tee a mess.

"What?" Sam gritted.

"You know what. You...and Rachel. MARRIED." Elliot's eyes lit.

"Look, I didn't want to see her. Stuck there. All right. She would have been miserable. I just couldn't let that happen.  I had to do something." Sam clinked the dishes in the hot suds of the sink. Rachel was off in the shower.

"Can you even stand her?" Elliot's face tensed as he rubbed the itch of his whiskers. He was far from looking cool. He looked like he might be a gypsy ready to raid the fridge. Elliot pulled out a wiener from the Oscar Myer package and ate as if he had no time to waste.

"Look, we are just fine." Sam told him not to worry. "You need us and you  know it." Sam  found Elliot some cold brewed tea to wash it down with. One thing for sure, Rachel's cold tea was amazing.

"Don't start that crap with me." Elliot winced hard. "What know...Sex. Are you two-"

"Quit driving me crazy!" He wanted to avoid the issue. It wasn't like he was going to jump her, their wedding night. "We're..we are working up to it." He cleared his throat as he started to wash the dishes, again.

"What..what if it doesn't happen?" Elliot questioned.

"So?" Sam shrugged. "What's this about? You and Penelope? What about that? Huh?"

"We're friends. And maybe not even that, at the moment. Who would want to be stuck with somebody like me, with a baby?" Elliot finished off the tea, and went to get more.

"What's up with Amanda?" Sam rinsed a dish. He thought the infant had been here far too long. Shouldn't Pearl be with her mother?

"Who knows." Elliot swelled a frown. Sam took a closer look thinking Elliot might be a zombie.

"Hey, why don't you let Rachel and me watch Pearl. You need some sleep." Sam hoped they'd settled the Rachel thing. After all, he heard the shower stop. It was time to stop talking about her. After all, they were going to the Animal Human society to adopt a dog. Hopefully, that would work out.


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...


lucy and sarah said...

Sam is really going out of his way for he must really care about her.

mazzy may said...

I think those two are funny when they bicker. I know they are looking out for each other.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Yayay! Adopting a dog from the humane society is the best idea! :)

molly said...

Elliot is definitely behind the times. cool about the dog.

meg said...

I think Sam and Rachel are on a good start.

She is Sara said...

I think a dog would be good!