Friday, July 1, 2011

the hard act to follow

Roger wanted to say how lame it was to actually be here in the middle of nowhere in the wilderness with a group of people he hardly knew. Leon, who he knew, wasn't even there. As it was, people were already into the story before the tents were even pitched. And he'd been left on duty with something, he hadn't any inkling to do. Pitching the tent.

He hated this weekend. It was awful being the new guy, especially when he got the role no one wanted, Silent Eura. It cracked him up, just thinking about it. He was suppose to be somebody from MTV's Skins in a scene from LOST. Who thought this crap up, he wondered.

Roger heaved a sigh and struggled with a tent he was suppose to be staying in with three other people. He had to wonder if he was supposed to sleep out in the cold. Well, it wasn't really cold. It was horribly humid. Roger was sweating like a pig. He was not used to these conditions. Of course, everytime, he wanted to ask a question, someone would remind him that he was Silent Eura. Roger rolled his eyes now, no way was he ever coming on one of these outings, again.

And then...maybe it was HIM who appeared? Or was that HER? Roger didn't know, but this person was definitely a scene stealer. Who ever the character was, well, it was clear..this was the challenge. Roger couldn't help but watch. He didn't dare ask who that was. But this person was cut throat when it came to letting everyone know, he or she was on top of the game.

Roger went back to the tent. Flung it, wishing it would pop itself open, but the tent didn't. He hammered away as if that was what one would do. Maybe it was going to work. Maybe.

"You're not done, yet?" Some husky guy with a pointy beard asked.

Roger didn't make a response, because he was certain he'd get hushed. Was this part of the game? Well, he couldn't ask, now could he? He was Silent Eura. But maybe if he left now, no one would miss him. Just his luck though, he was on Clean Up.

WHAT CLEAN UP? Roger held up a scrap a paper. Cell phones were forbidden. How dare, anyone text. Someone pointed to the portable potty.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" He didn't care if he spoke now. Naturally, everyone around shushed him. Roger guessed he was being a baby about it, but he didn't want to clean up anyone's shit. For the next hour, he was sanitizing the space.

How much worse could it get?

"Its because you're the new guy." Someone's smart mouth said. The scene stealer. The one with the real sword who acted more like a pirate than Jack..any day from LOST.

Roger stood there without a rebuttal. He couldn't exactly say if this person were a boy or a girl, even in a wife-beater and frayed cut-off shorts. Roger tried not to stare as he looked down at the beat up black workboots.

Some blond girl with braids found "Jack" to share cheese pizza with. They kissed so playfully that it hurt Roger all the more. It wasn't exactly because they were a couple, or the fact he might really want to know who Jack was, but the idea that he couldn't possibly be a part of this world..even if he might want to be.


Krystal said...

i think we've all been in situations like this (well not the cleaning up the bathrooms) haha - but the whole outside looking in

Cafe Fashionista said...

The only place to go from here is up! :/

molly said...

I hope this'll make Roger stronger..somehow.

ivy's closet said...

Really a wild situation. I'd want to go home too.

FWB said...

Well..looks like he's found something he wants.

meg said...

Dang. Well, hope things get better for him.