Thursday, June 30, 2011

getting in shape

"This is important, you know." Asa was serious and Derrick knew it. "I need you to help with Amanda."

"Well, what about the baby?" Derrick had the books that Asa had selected from the library. All about infant care. He was a bit on edge. Sure, he'd helped out with Rosie, a lot, but this would be different. An infant.

"That too," Asa said. "Its just, we can't let her get overwhelmed." He said ever so quietly. "She'll need you."

"What about you?" Derrick was worried. He made it sound as if he needed to be certified. He hadn't been included in any of those breathing classes Asa had been taking with Amanda off and on. Elliot had been to them too. After all, Derrick had just finished up driver's ed, and that hadn't been a piece of cake, either. He'd have to wait until September to get his license which seemed like an ungodly long time to wait. Fifteen felt like forever, to him.

"Yes, I'm going to be here at least the first week. Elliot's making time too, but we need you. For those in between times. You'll have to cheer her up, maybe." Asa was trying to explain to him how it might be.

"Oh, so now I'm a cheerleader." Derrick shrugged, hugging himself. Asa was really making him feel elated about this, not.

"Just think you might be a Dad yourself some day. This'll be good practice." Asa gave him a pat on the back as if this was a team effort. They were all going to chip in when the baby arrived.

"Yeah, right." Derrick rolled his eyes at that. He was fine being an uncle.

"You'll see, you'll be fine." Asa told him.

Derrick guessed so, but why was Asa making him feel as if it might be the worst time ever. He made the baby stuff seem more of a piece of cake than contending with Amanda. But Derrick looked at the books, he guess the reading would help. He hoped so.


FWB said...

I hope they aren't thinking Derrick will take care of everything when the baby comes.

lucy and sarah said...

Glad they are getting ready for the baby's arrival.

Cafe Fashionista said...

At least they're preparing for the big event. :/

Cait said...

I hope they are ready!

Holly said...

That's a lot of pressure for Derrick.

ellie's desk said...

Yeah, I know.

Mimi said...

i hope the books will help them prepare. i can only imagine how hard it is to have a baby!

<3, Mimi

She is Sara said...

This seems like it is good for everyone. I am glad that Derrick is going to try to chip in :)

meg said...

Things are looking to be interesting.