Friday, July 15, 2011

who needs to know

"Did you or didn't you?" Rachel's older sister asked when Rachel told her the news about Sam while he was taking his morning shower on their second day of their so called honeymoon.

"What do you think?" She knew exactly what her sister was talking about, but she really didn't want to tell her sister that she and Sam didn't have sex yet. Rachel winced then. She knew what her family thought of her all along. They never said it, but she knew they all thought she just might not like men, anyway. Especially, how she could argue. No one ever suited Rachel's taste in suitors from the church. Of course, she'd leave it with her genuine last line. "Perhaps they just aren't worthy of me." And she meant it.

Now her sister asked how this had happened and why. What would their father think? So what if she got married. It wasn't in church. It wasn't of someone they approved of. Well, to hell with them, Rachel now thought. She didn't really care. They were making her life miserable. And she'd let them for so long.

"What if he's just not the right guy for you, Rach?" Ruthie now asked who had two small children of her own and another on the way.

"He's great. He is. And we..are good friends." Rachel smiled. This was true. She was happy that she was with someone who's company she enjoyed. And he definitely wasn't all that bad to look at, either. But they still hadn't had sex yet. It had been even clumsy with the kissing part. A part of her felt he was afraid of her. She wasn't going to dare ask why. It was fine with her to take, this slow. Actually, the possibility of being pregnant frightened her.

Anyway, they weren't even home yet. Perhaps barely and hour away, but they'd decided to spend the day at the farmer's market after his Teacher's test, and they'd even gone to a big barbecue place where there had been country and western dancing. Something, neither one of them had tried, the two step. But she had to admit, after awhile, it came natural. Maybe the sex would, too.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes things just fall into place nicely, and fit together! :)

lucy and sarah said...

They do seem like sisters. Glad, she's not in a rush with Sam.

ivy's closet said...

Rachel seems so different around her sister.

Through My Eyes said...

Its nice that they can come together (:

O V said...

Oh, I'm hoping they take it slow.

molly said...

What a conversation.

Mimi said...

yay for having a sister to talk to. :)

<3, Mimi