Friday, August 26, 2011

home isn't too far away

 Olivia listened to everything Tyra told her about Leon. If only she'd talked earlier, they could have been the best of friends. Maybe they still could.

"I wished he would have said something." Olivia felt she'd judged him. He was Roger's friend, after all. Olivia didn't mean to be judgy. "But, hey, it all worked out. I'm still glad we let you have the basement. I know you've probably been through a lot. All your life and its amazing, you want to help people. I hope you find going into nursing, rewarding."

Olivia was getting ready to go over to see her sister's who just so happened to be finally home.

"You sure you won't have a problem with Leon being here?" Tyra wanted to know.

"Of course, not. I'm happy for both of you." Olivia shrugged, but Tyra seemed to have something else on her mind.

"Its just, I've never ever been camping before. I dunno..if I'm cut out for it." Tyra sighed as if she needed a handbook of some kind.

"The camping I can help you with. The larping. I haven't a clue." She told Tyra she'd help her pack, but Olivia needed to see Penelope. So she drove over to see her sister.

Soon enough she made it up the stair by the little diner where Penelope ate most of her meals. She knocked but  the door was already ajar. Olivia wasn't sure what to expect. She saw three large suitcases in the livingroom.

"Where are you going?" Olivia was thankful the place hadn't been ransacked.

"Well..." Penelope hesitated. "I guess..I'm going to with Elliot."

"What?" Olivia thought it was great yet shocked. "Uh, this big." Olivia was thrilled. She hugged Penelope tight. "I..I ..dunno what to say."

"I dunno if it'll even work. Its not like he talked me into it. Its just..he needs me." Penelope nodded.

"Does he?" Olivia held in a laugh, thinking it was possibly the other way around. "Well, its good to be needed. Are you sure, about this?"

"Why would my bags be packed, otherwise?" Penelope informed her. "Its just, well..I want it to work out. I do. But.." She bit her bottom lip. "What would you and Ravi, think about house sitting."

"House sitting?" This wasn't exactly a house. Maybe a condo? A flat that took up a good portion of the top floor of the building in the old downtown area.

"I own this." Penelope told her. "And I have cable... somehow I get all the movie channels for free now, and you know, somebody can be watching movies. I don't have time too." Penelope smiled a little more. "Who knows, maybe you'll want to buy this place from me."

Olivia looked around at the great lighting. The big glass windows were amazing. Yes, she could definitely see herself with Ravi, here. She nodded with happiness then. She could hardly wait to tell Ravi.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm not cut out for camping either...glamping is more my style! :)

lucy and sarah said...

Looks like Olivia and Ravi have found a place.

ivy's closet said...

Oh boy. Hopefully, the campout won't be that bad.

meg said...

Thinks are really looking up for Olivia.

Holly said...

Olivia's not so bad..if she's letting her stay at her place.