Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm just a station on your way

Were they alone? Just the two of them in their very own place? Ravi couldn't help but feel laughter inside him. He came up from behind Olivia and put his arms around her. Naturally, she was trying to get the kitchen in order.

"I don't think Penelope ever cooked in this oven." Olivia told him.

Ravi kissed her behind the ear.

"I hope she doesn't have second thoughts about coming back." Ravi sighed. As it was, there was no place for Penelope here. All that remained was that huge flower painting that Elliot painted. Well, there were a few other things. Like a big bed. The TV set. But still, they had moved in. It wasn't much, but they had their stuff planted here now.

"Well, its a miracle they are together." Olivia wiggled around to put her arms around Ravi's neck. Here they were in the kitchen making out.

"I say we try out the bed." Ravi finally said what was on his mind. Olivia filled with laughter too. So they went to the bedroom as if it might be a dance to get there with several turns of helping each other.

"You don't think ..she' know..just drop in..unexpectedly." Ravi paused, thinking that would be awful.

"Oh, she's not going to walk in on us." Olivia laughed at him now.

"Well, I hope there's a lock on the door." He wanted to know. There wasn't. He would have felt better to put a chair in front of door, but then he didn't want to look paranoid. Ravi was determined not to let Penelope force his mojo to slip.

It all seemed too good to be true. But it didn't take long to get settled into their new home. It was their home. Olivia talked nonstop how close they were to the farmer's market now. How many new places she couldn't wait to shop or eat or window shop.

In a sense, it was like a long awaited vacation. This time alone. All Ravi could do was hope they made the most of it. He listened to her talk, but kissed her all the while. It was a new start. And he thought they were definitely going to make the most of it.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I just love the two of them together! :)

Anonymous said...

love it!

ivy's closet said...

Sweet for them.

lucy and sarah said...

So sweet. Love those 2.

Krystal said...

aw, this is really cute!

FWB said...

They are so adorable.

mazzy may said...

I'm happy they can do this..almost on their own.

She is Sara said...

Oh I am behind, but I loved this post :) They deserve a place of their own!

Mimi said...

awwwwww, that's cute! :)

<3, Mimi