Thursday, September 1, 2011

quaintly so

"Is everything, all right?" Denny knew he should have called. But he hadn't heard from Penelope in a while and Olivia had given him directions to get to Elliot's. It was all so sudden.

Of course, he'd spent the last few months getting everything in order at his own place. He'd bought the house and there was the job at the university. It was taking up most of his time, but this was all good. It wasn't like he was there to hinder anything. He hoped Penelope didn't mind that he'd stopped by.

"I guess." Penelope shrugged, a bit indifferent. As if he had suddenly imposed on her. She kept looking around the livingroom as if he wouldn't approve of the place.

Denny only smiled and gave her a hug.

"I had no idea, you felt this way..about..." Yes, Elliot. Had he forgot his face?

"Oh." She winced hard. "Well, we're friends."

"What does that mean?" Denny hoped it was more than that. She moved in. "You can say it, you know. He's more than a friend, isn't he?"

Penelope laughed. She offered him something from the fridge then. He shook his head, no. Although, she insisted on making tea. Everyone was still at school. She had another week off before she started her DARE program. Her paperwork was light at the moment.

"Olivia and Ravi sure like your place." Denny took a seat at the dining table.

"Yeah, they probably are enjoying every inch of it." She sighed.

"So how are things with you and Elliot?"

"Oh, its fine." She nodded. She told him about Pearl having to wear a helmet now, due to her sleeping on her back so much.

"Poor kid." Denny didn't think it would be much fun to wear one.

"She's adjusting." Penelope nodded.

"Are you?" Denny waited for Penelope to talk to him.

"Yes." She winced.

"What is it?" Denny didn't mean to pry, but he thought she should talk about it. She went to make the tea then. He hoped she'd talk to him..when she was ready.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Opening up to him would be good for her right now. :)

mazzy may said...

She really needs some one to confide in.

caitlin and megan said...

Penelope needs someone to look out for her.

She is Sara said...

I think it was good that he stopped by.

Gianella Peralta said...

At least she was able to vent out her thoughts :)

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, he's such a good dad for her.