Tuesday, August 2, 2011

keeping it cool

So this was the infamous Jules.

He didn't look like a total monster. In fact, Derrick found him pretty harmless. They were sitting in the kitchen  drinking cold glasses of chocolate milk. He studied Jules face from a distance. He couldn't help it. This guy knew Ian from before. From some place else. It was intriguing and possibly sad at the same moment. Jules and Ian kept referring to each other as mates and how they'd gone a roadtrip here, or seen some band that Derrick  never heard of. Of course, drinking was always involved and silly little jokes, like streaking or joyriding in the neighbor's car.

Their laughter stung him deep. He suddenly felt the outsider, but he was too tired to do anything about it. Suddenly, there was the miserable thought that he wouldn't have this job come school time. Even if the hours felt endless, prepping food and keeping the place spic and span, Oliver was only opened til two in the afternoon. How could he keep working for Oliver?

"You OK?" Finally Ian noticed something was up.

Derrick shook his head, no. He didn't want to be a bother. After all, Ian had company. He had to wonder how long Jules would be staying. Derrick was counting the days until Jules went home. He couldn't help but envy him. Their past sounded so infamous. Derrick couldn't say he and Ian had ever stole anything. Especially, no ones panties.

Derrick stared at Ian then. As it was Ian hadn't breathed a word of their relationship to Jules. Derrick nursed the cold drink. He had a feeling, Ian might never get around to mentioning to Jules about having a boyfriend.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such an awkward time for them both. :/

mazzy may said...

Wow, that would be a strange situation.

molly said...

I dunno if they'll hit it off.

FWB said...

Oh, what to do. Hopefully, it won't end badly.

She is Sara said...

Wow, awkward! I hope I gets better :(