Monday, August 1, 2011

blast from the past

Was he seeing things?

It was a rather long day that Ian put in at the library. Derrick was still busy with Oliver. He'd plowed right in to help Oliver with the cooking, the cleaning, even serving. Honestly, Ian had no idea Derrick thrived with the job, but in the process, they didn't have so much time to hang out. But he was sure Derrick would give him a call any moment now as he took a second look in the parking lot. It was empty.

He sighed as he was ready to lock up for the night. It couldn't have been Jules out there, under the parking lot lights. Couldn't have been him. Why would he even think of his friend back in England? It was like seeing a ghost. And he didn't like it. Perhaps they were mates. Just the unlikely sort.

As it was, Ian had pretty much been Jules audience when it came to being Jules' pal. After all, Jules was the one who liked to tempt and tease, and even bully. He knew Jules would never think of it that way. Jules was the party animal, and you could come along for the ride, if you liked.

Ian didn't really want to go down that memory lane. Things were really different living in the states. It was as if he'd still be with the pack, he was sure of it..if he'd stayed in the village. Of course, the education might have been better there, and he would have known where he'd land once he was out of school. But there was so much more to keep up with, too. Like a social life that could really turn to shit in a split second.

He remembered, Jules was the pompous ass, as always. He wasn't exactly kind the last time they'd spoken. He didn't really want to think of Julian. Not even for a moment.

Ian cut the lights. It was time to go. He said his goodbyes to the others who'd parked out back. His car was out front. The thick humidity hit him at once. Seriously, he could go for a beer right now. Not that he would, he didn't do things like that, anymore. It wasn't like last summer. No more drama. Not even with Derrick. It had been really an easy going summer.

He got out his cell. Perhaps he'd call Derrick first. Ian unlocked the car door. Just as he did, someone came up from behind him. "Whatcha doing?"

Ian practically jumped.

"Jules! What the -" Ian turned and looked him over.

"Haaaaaaaaa?" Oh, those eyes might have looked all innocent and doe-like, but Ian knew the real Jules.

"How? What? How did you find me?" Ian caught his breath. Seriously, his old so-called friend scared the life out of him.

"I called that mother of yours." Jules smirked. "I told her I wanted a visit. She said I should surprise you."

Ian winced. Eric's mum would never go for this. He shook his head, no. They might have found a house to live in, that was practically walking distance from here, but he couldn't see her inviting him here. Especially, for a stay. They had only been at the new place for a couple of weeks.

"But how did you, do it?" Ian didn't get it. Didn't he have his own stomping ground back home to cause enough havoc with? He was out of his element here. Hopefully.

"A credit card, you dope." Jules gave him an open grin. "Its been a long time, you know. and me." Jules leaned in and touched Ian's shoulder.

"Well, you really didn't have time for me, the last time we spoke." Which was OK with Ian.

"Yeah, that cow, Collette, keeping everyone away from you, when you visited last." Jules glared at him. "Speaking of which, she's-" He pressed his lips in a frown so tight. Ian thought Jules might lose it right then, squinting his eyes so tight.

"What about her?" Ian leaned against the car. "You called. Not long ago. But, you might have drunk dialed. You said you were a Dad."

"About that," Jules sighed. "Seems, she wasn't on the up and up with me!" Jules looked as if he might explode with anger.

"Did you do something to Collette?" Ian wanted to know. Was that why he was here?

Jules hugged himself and leaned next to Ian's car, too. He shook his head, no.

"She went Japanezeo on me, Ian." Jules muttered then. "That was not my babe."

Ian let it soak in. This little truth. Collette with a child that wasn't Jules'. It was a relief to know this. He couldn't help but burst into laughter. Finally, Jules did too.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! What an insane revelation! :/

ivy's closet said...

a new character makes his presence.

lucy and sarah said...

cool. Hmmm..just don't know how Derrick will handle this.

simon and josh said...

This must be a change for Jules. Wild what happened.

meg said...

Jules seems like he needs to be there, maybe.

She is Sara said...

I guess this encounter was better than it could have been :)

Florence said...

wow. Interesting read. Cant wait for the next

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oh wow! :O

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