Wednesday, August 10, 2011

opportunity of a lifetime

It was a bit unsuspected. Actually, like a long lost gift that arrived, Kyle supposed. Actually, he'd just about forgot the job at the old University. He hadn't heard a thing. And yet, it happened one evening out of the blue. He got a phone call. It was right at his fingertips. He'd gotten the job in maintenance, which lead to free school, free housing.

Of course, the place needed fixing up and he'd have to pay for the bills. It didn't come with cable or wi-fi. The fellow down at personal thought this might be important. Kyle said it would be just fine. He could have moved in to the dorm. But Kyle mentioned he had a family so the thought of the house came up. It was where the priest used to live, but even the priests didn't want that little place at the back of the campus, anymore.

It was an old white house, just behind the zoo. Seemed, people didn't care much for that.

"You can hear the elephants from here." He informed Rosie who clapped her hands about it, when he was showing the place to her. And then, he showed Rox the place, alone, a few days later.

"So, what do you think?" He couldn't resist smiling. Thinking of a possibility of them, altogether. "I can fix it up. I fix things, you know. Really good, too. You'll see."

She nodded as if she believed him. He showed her the big bedroom. Then the two other bedrooms. "See, Rosie would have a room. Jai would have his own room, and- well..."

She held in a laugh. Just shook her head. "But you might be settling." She sighed.

"No, I'm not. This, this place needs a family. And its us." He drew her in, his fingers went intertwined with her fingers. "And I'll do whatever you want. We could play it by ear. I guess. You know, if it works..then we could get married, or not." He didn't want to pressure her, and yet he was excited about the adventure of a real family.

"All right." She could barely get out through her laughter.

Kyle looked around at the blank walls. The place needed to be cleaned and painted. But he could do that. They could do that. He was ready to find out Rox's favorite colors. It felt like home. Their home.


ivy's closet said...

things seem to be moving up for Kyle!

Florence said...

haha awww sweet

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...I'm so happy for them! :)

lucy and sarah said...

Good for them.

mazzy may said...

A lot to look forward too.

FWB said...

Good for these guys!