Sunday, August 7, 2011

so quaint

"What?" Jules festered a look. "Its metro-sexual. You have something against it?"

Ian choked a laugh, thinking Jules looked ridiculous in that silly fedora he was sporting along with a Mick Jagger lip.

"It doesn't become you, if you must know." Ian liked Jules his usual self. What was with the costume? He didn't have to try with him, now did he? Of course, it seemed weeks since he'd had some alone time with Derrick. He wished this visit would come to an end, but Jules looked as if it had just started.

"Become me? Whatever." He could be his snide self. So much for turning over a new leaf. At least, he hadn't wanted to start any drinking games or what they could find in the kitchen to get high on.

Ian didn't want him around at work. He was distracting. Sometimes, Jules went into rants will full of fowl words. It was a good thing, people couldn't catch it all, with his way of seizing his words in an English they weren't accustom .

"Aren't you board?" Ian knew he was.

"Not a bit." His act was cracking. Ian wondered what it would be to set him off that might land him in jail. He might be an innocent boy that his step-mom cooed over, but there was a monster deep inside waiting to be unleashed.

Ian just about had his shift done. He was pushing the cart back behind circulation at the library, and there appeared Josie. Out of nowhere. She was waiting.

"Oh, Josie." Ian was puzzled. He looked back a Jules all ridiculous, as some sort of wanna-be rocker. "Um,, haven't met Jules." It was awkward. But he stared at Jules as if he could make an effort. All he did was smirk and act as if he could careless who she was.

Her big eyes took Jules in. Ian nudged Jules.

"Aye." It was more of a grunt. Josie simply smiled and walked away as if this wasn't the time or the place for any discussion.

"You could have made an effort, you know." Ian glared at Jules.

"For F'n sake, why?" Jules scowled. "How old is she, mate? Not even 14, is she?" He acted as if they had to be at least in their twenties before he might be nice.

"She's sixteen." Ian winced.

"A baby, in my book." Jules sighed.

"All right." Ian didn't have to worry about anything happening there. "How much longer are you gonna be around?"

"Why? Me, cramping your style?" Jules teased as they left after Ian clocked out.

"I don't get it. Why came here? Seriously?" Ian wasn't one to party, anymore. He wanted to relax. He wanted a quiet moment with Derrick.

"I-I want to start fresh, you know." Jules told him.

"Well, don't do it, in that ridiculous hat." Ian snatched it from him. He really wondered, who the mature one was here. Ian still had doubts Jules could change. He wasn't even sure he wanted to wait around and find out, either.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Starting anew sounds like a fabulous idea! :)

ivy's closet said...

Ian and Jules are definitely not on the same page.

mazzy may said...

Such a fun and awkward moment.

Natalie said...

sometimes its hard to just start over, but maybe its the best choice

Cait said...

That is funny how he is around Josie.

meg said...

Looks like a NO GO for Josie.

lucy and sarah said...

Jules seems to be on the right track. Maybe he's growing up...even in a silly hat.