Friday, September 30, 2011

Jules' room

Jules was pretty sure he'd taken a nose dive in his social life. Fact was, he didn't have one. Sure, if he had something to say.. there was always Ian. Oliver too. Although, lately, he tread lightly around Oliver, doing his best to stay on task and not trouble. It was good to be quiet. Yet he was terrible at it.

"You sure about this?" Suddenly it felt everything was turning orange. Halloween decorations were already out and Oliver was putting little chunks of pumpkin short bread as the new special.  "Its not even October." Jules scowled.

"It will be. Like tomorrow." That was Oliver ,always thinking about tomorrow. Jules went on with work, putting the sweets in the cases. It was past the usual costumers now and when he looked up, there was Jonah.

"Aye." Jules managed not to look too caught off guard. He did his best to smile.

"Why haven't you returned any of my calls?" Jonah wanted to know.

"You know," Jules winced. "Kind of busy."


"What?" Jules just wished he'd spit it out. He didn't know what to make of Jonah, a poor little rich kid, or just some idiotic genius. Still, what did he really want with him?

"You I feel about you.."

Jules almost lost it. Laugh it off. Still perhaps, if they got it over would be done, either way. There was no one in the shop. Oliver was brewing himself a cup of tea.

"Say, could I take a break." Jules asked Oliver.

"Of course." Oliver said ever so generous.

"Well, come on." Jules took off his apron and  came around to see Jonah. "Lets go to my room." He grabbed Jonah's hand. Instant hesitation from Jonah. Jules wasn't even sure Jonah would hold  his hand. He didn't, but he followed.

Jules ran up the iron steps on the side of the building which lead into a thin hallway upstairs to his place.

"Its not much." Jules let Jonah in. "But then I really don't have a lot." He listened and went on the Internet on his Droid phone. The bed was only a wee thing, with an old blue plaid comforter. He never really slept in bed, but on top of the covers. Of course, he had a space for eating and a fridge, but the sink was in the bathroom along with a tiny shower.

Jonah looked around as if he wanted to take it all in. Jules sat there on his bed wondering if Jonah would back out soon enough.

"Sit." Jules patted a place down for him. Slowly, Jonah set down in his corduroy jacket and pants that squished ever so slightly. Naturally, he looked over dressed for whatever this occasion might be.

"Perhaps a drink is in order." He got up as soon as Jonah set down. He had a bottle of Jack Daniels stashed in his dresser under his socks. He wouldn't dare tell Jonah he'd retrieved it from the dumpster behind the liquor store.

"But..but I don't.." Jonah shook his head.

"Yeah, I know." Jules said lightly as he poured himself a drink in an old juice glass with painted sunflowers on it. "Maybe I'll drink for both of us." His lips edged up the corners with a mischievous look.

Of course, the whiskey stung his throat. It had been far too long since getting sloshed. Why hadn't he thought of it before? Jules poured him another after he finished the first one. "See, I like a good couple of stiff drinks before I get down to business." He choked on the second drink and poured another which he guess could wait.

"What business?" Jonah looked puzzled.

"Its our business, I suppose." Jules gave him a lopsided smile. He plopped back down next to Jonah. "Now."

"Now?" Jonah winced.

Jules put his arm around Jonah. Jules felt a bit of a buzz, or just a bit sleepy around the eye-lids. "Shall I start?" Jules got as close to Jonah's face as he could.

"I guess." But Jonah didn't look so sure. Jules kept smiling as he leaned in.

"Well, lots lick'n is required." Jules snorted.

Jonah made a face as if that was the worse thing he'd ever heard.

Jules laughed softly, but then proceeded to lick the side of Jonah's face.

Instantly, Jonah jumped up.

"Had enough? Have you?" Jules bit the corner of his lower lip as he watched Jonah, who looked at Jules as if he were sick in the head. "Then you should go. Just go." Jules kept staring. "What? You want me to call you a nutter?" There was a void between them now. "Isn't that what you are? You can't stand to be touched. Can't stand anything, can you? What do you want from me?" Jules knew he said it louder than he should have, but these were all the things Jonah needed to hear.

"I just..I just want to have someone to go places with me. Who? Who wants to listen to me?" Jonah festered a sad look as if it pained him to even speak.

"Good, glad we got that straightened out." Jules took a breath. He really didn't want to have down a bottle of whiskey every-time Jonah wanted to show up. "So we're mates? Less lick'n involved, I take it?"

"Yeah." Jonah nodded biting his upper lip.

Jules cracked up.


lucy and sarah said...

Well, maybe that's done. Perhaps.

ivy's closet said...

Jules really took Jonah out of his comfort zone.

Cafe Fashionista said...

They are a crazy pair. :/

Lux and Stan said...

Jules is something. Jonah seems to be set in his ways.

Florence said...

wow ::D hahaa

FWB said...

Funny guy.

caitlin and megan said...

Oh..Jules..hope he didn't harm him.