Saturday, October 1, 2011

just a question

Oliver was keeping busy. One of the previous owner's friends helped out at the cash register at lunch. Generally, they kept only a few tables and didn't wait on folks. They'd have to come to the counter. Usually, Jules would rush out if there was a table to clean up. Really, Oliver wasn't staffed properly. But it worked. They were quick. Usually, the early morning crowd never hung about. They picked up what they came for and some coffee or tea.

Out of nowhere, Some older gentleman in a nice suit wanted a word with Oliver. Of course, Oliver felt faint, wondering what he'd done wrong. He felt all the more nervous, taking time out to have to speak with the silver haired man.

"I could use a place like this down at the City University." He smiled.

Oliver looked stunned, but managed an excited. "Really?"

"We got a space." The man had some connections. There was a little place where a donut shop used to be where college students passed by everyday.

Of course, Oliver and Kayla went down to take a look at it. She usually had an eye for bad investments.

"Its just a hole in the wall, Oliver." Kayla snarled her nose up, right away. Still he saw potential. It was small. Mainly a counter, and not much space behind it. Most of it glassed in too.

"You might be right." He was still thinking. Thinking the food didn't have to be prepared here. They'd just bring it down in the morning.

Kayla kept shaking her head, no.

"He offered us three months, rent free." Oliver reminded her. "He really loved the scones."

"But who's going to do all this?" Kayla told him it was all so overwhelming. No way could he possibly do this store to, as well as the one he was tending to, already.

"I'll get Jules." Oliver decided without even questioning it.

"Jules? By himself?" She pouted, crossing her arms as if it were just wrong.

"He hasn't let me down yet, has he?" Oliver looked at her. She wouldn't answer him. Naturally, she was pessimistic as always. Funny, how no one ever mentioned her around him. He knew in the beginning, people would ask about her. But as of late, she was a no show downstairs. She never helped out. He never asked her to, because if he did..he was afraid what she might say.


S. said...

Cute post!

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Free rent is something that is impossible to pass up! :)

Holly said...

This is exciting. Go FOR IT!

Krystal said...

haha, i need to learn to make scones like that

mazzy may said...

I hope things are OK with Oliver & Kayla.

Yolandaas said...

Thanks for your comment xx

lucy and sarah said...

Wow, I hope he can do this.

molly said...

Oliver can't say no to that.

ivy's closet said...

Looks like quite a deal.

meg said...

This is great news for Oliver.