Tuesday, September 20, 2011

just a bit of ingenuity

It was never much of a rush after nine a.m. in the morning. Oliver left to take a breather. He liked to go upstairs and read the morning paper. Jules usually manned the front. He prepped some for the fish and chips for lunch. Usually, it was all quiet at the shop, but the bell rang, and Jules noticed a straggler coming in.

The young man looked kind of lost, as if he should be in school, yet he didn't look like he'd know what he should be doing. He looked at the scones, the cupcakes and muffins, too.

"Whats good?" He asked Jules.

"All of it." Jules shrugged as if he didn't know what else to say. "The lemon lavender shortbread is nice." Oliver wanted to push it. It seemed most were put off by the ingredients. They wanted it plain if they wanted it at all.

The customer contemplated.

"But, you look like the muffin type." Jules pulled out the last huge blueberry muffin with the crumb topping. "You can have it half price." Jules shrugged as if money wasn't an issue.

Jules guessed the bloke was college age, as he looked at him a bit more. They made their exchange as Jules rung him up.

"You're English, aren't you?"  An odd grin came to the customer.

"Well, it is  British Specialties. Or it was." Jules nodded. The old sign was still out back. Oliver hadn't disposed of it.

"You from London then?" The fellow went on to ask.

Jules shook his head with a chuckle. "Afraid I never been."

"What? How could you not? You have to be joking." The fellow kept grinning, perhaps an idiot, after all.

"I would shit you, not." Jules shrugged.

"It was a bit mad there, but I loved it." The customer held on to the muffin as if he'd take it home and tend to it in a cage.

Jules took him for the posh sort, immediately. Good hair. His clothes fit to perfection. This put him off. Not that he thought they'd be mates anytime soon. He'd just best go away. Jules had nothing more to say.

Suddenly, it became a staring competition.

"Look." The customer almost lost his muffin. It was hard for Jules to keep a straight face. "I'm..I'm Jonah.." He said ever so carefully, "Could..could we go out, sometime?"

Jules blinked, not sure to ask if he meant a date or what.

"I suppose." He found himself saying. He winced then wishing he'd kept his mouth shut. "What do you have in mind?"

"Dunno." He acted as if Jules should decide.

"We'll think of something." Jules blew out of breath. He guessed they were both out of practice at this sort of thing.


Krystal said...

that is cute :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

What an adorable way to be asked out on a date! :)

molly said...

He just might be his man.

mazzy may said...

Jonah really seems to be charming.

creativefashionglee said...

Wonderful short story. :)

meg said...

Jonah..and Jules..so interesting. It made me smile.