Sunday, September 18, 2011

just a ghost perhaps

Finn didn't think of Jonah, anymore. Quite frankly, he thought of Jonah as a nut case, and he felt like an idiot thinking he could have fallen for such a strange one like Jonah, who was somewhere between being schizo or possibly Aspergers. It was hard to decide. Finn was banking on schizo now.

At least Jonah hadn't called. It was as if he'd never been there now. It helped to get a new laptop and to repaint the white scratched walls of the livingroom in a new green. Yes, living with Doyle meant all sorts of new projects. They'd made a shelf unit that went to the ceiling in the dining-room. It was quite spiffy and well, that meant more time to be in bed together in the end. Yes, things were splendid at home.

Wish he could say the same for work. It seemed they were letting people go right and left for the slightest things. Some got canned for coming in hung over. Really, Finn was on his toes. He was definitely not taking a drink, lately. He manned the waiting room since it seemed he had fierce secretary skills. And just as he'd finished up typing in one file on the computer, he turned to see a face looking in from the front window of the clinic, directly at him.

Finn sat staring back. Could it be? No, that wasn't Jonah. Not Jonah with a new haircut. Jonah prided himself in his hair. Besides, this looked more of a boy than a man. All fresh faced and that grin, it was not Jonah's. But as soon as the stranger noticed from the street that Finn saw him, he took off running.

"This is all I need. I think Jonah is back." Finn hugged himself now as he told Doyle the news of the day who was waiting for noodles to boil for their stir-fry.

"Maybe, he never left." Doyle reminded him they had no idea where Jonah went.

Finn cringed then. "You don't think he's stalking me, do you?" Finn hadn't thought of Jonah in a good long while. Now he was seriously worried if the house was locked up properly. What if Jonah went after Doyle? The idea gave him goosebumps, but he didn't want to freak Doyle. Instead, Finn kissed Doyle on the cheek and went to set out the table. Finn reach for the last bottle of red wine a co-worker gave him at Christmas. Yes, this might be driving Finn to drink. He had to focus on anti-oxidants and the like. Not worrying about a peeper named Jonah.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, this is a creepy turn of events! :/

ivy's closet said...

That is a mystery.

lucy and sarah said...

What'll happen now???

better days said...

that would have scary.

meg said...

ooooh..kind of creepy.

She is Sara said...

Whoa, creepy!