Thursday, September 22, 2011

once upon a time

"Do you think I'm the worst actor in the world?" Elliot hoped he didn't think he was faking it with Penelope because he wasn't. It was just this resistance with Amanda and all her new demands put a bit of a damper on everything else.

Just when he thought he was done with the past with Amanda, she was back wanting weekends with Pearl. It was a bitter bit in the beginning, but he finally let it go. Which meant, not listening to his mother and trying to keep in mind that Asa was around. They were a family even if it was a bit crazy. It was getting better he had to believe that. Even so, he'd catch himself in a bitter mood about the baby and Amanda. He didn't want to ruin this Penelope.

As it was, it could be easy going. Having dinner with Sam and Rachel. They were busy too. Yet, it was home. There home. And it was great with Penelope around.

"Have you been acting?" That smile of Penelope's, put it to rest. They did have quiet weekends together. Usually, movies or just little trips here and there of the surrounding area's offerings for a memorable autumn. The leaves were turning. It seemed golden.

"I have to stop worrying so much." Besides he did like at least doing some kind of art on the weekend too. "I want to."

Penelope put a picnic together and they went to the river to have some alone time. They were alone. It was a bit more of a chill than Elliot even imagined. They huddled together. She poured some warm cinnamon tea for him.

"If only it could be, you and me. I don't want to hate Amanda, I don't. But she makes it so easy. And I know she's taken up way too much of my time, lately. And she doesn't even know it." He gritted.

Penelope smiled more.

"I thought you'd let that go. Things are getting better. You're a great Dad." She told him.

Elliot smiled. He thought so. But he thought he would be a better husband if he thought less of his ex. As if maybe he never really knew her. It was Penelope he wanted to know. That's when he found the ring in his pocket. He'd seen her eyeing it down at the local jeweler when they'd be out checking out the old towne, occasionally.

"You knew the one I wanted." Penelope elatedly put on the ring. She kissed him with satisfaction.

"I listen." Elliot nodded. "I do want to be a part of your life. Its just the excess baggage should have put you off, already. But it hasn't."

"Oh, but I adore old stuff." She told him. But the engagement ring was new, Elliot wanted fresh and vibrant memories to come.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a special time for them both! :)

lucy and sarah said...

I loved what she said about adoring old stuff. Good for them.

ivy's closet said...

Wow, I'm glad he's moving on. I'm hoping he and Penelope will be OK.

mazzy may said...

Wow, Penelope seems happy now, too.

molly said...

That was sudden. But then, she is living with him.

She is Sara said...

Wow, did that just happen??

meg said...

Last thing I expected.