Friday, September 23, 2011

a highly unlikely thing

Jules had to admit he thought it was odd that Jonah's little sister picked him up for this occasion.

"So he doesn't drive?" Jules asked on the way. This would be amusing. Perhaps it was just wrong. "I don't have a license. But I can drive." He assured her, only, it wasn't that he had the need to. He just hadn't got around to all this fuss of thinking he'd stay in the states.

"Its really sweet of you to do this." She thanked him. A part himself felt nausea for some strange reason. He wasn't quite sure how he felt about this outing now with Jonah. But Willow, Jonah's sister seemed quite normal and it was a nice drive in a very new car with all the comforts of what rich people were suppose to have. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

She told him she was a freshman in college, majoring in something like textiles which Jules couldn't be sure what that meant. People actually majored in making crafts?

"What do you do?" She asked.

"Um, I do what ever Oliver tells me to do. I bake. Cook." He wished it could be something interesting, but then maybe he just wasn't interesting.

It wasn't long until they arrived at Jonah's. Not that he lived alone, but his folks were out, and it was a fine brick home, practically a mansion. They went in through the back door by way of the kitchen, and there was dinner. Shriveled up wieners from the microwave sticking out of dry buns on the massive kitchen counter so shiny and new. Naturally, Willow didn't stay for any of this.

Jules had never seen anything this nasty in his life. The hot dogs.

"Well." Jonah gave him a goofy grin. "Lets eat."

"This is it?" Jules almost laughed. "Have, you,  anything to drink, man?"

He waited for Jonah to present a liter of rootbeer that was just something from Wal-Mart. It wasn't even cold.

"I'd prefer a lager, if you have it." Jules thought he could at least ask, even though, he guessed he wasn't so nice about it.

Jonah told him that his mom didn't allow alcohol.

"What about something, the dog?" He decided not to wait. He went to the fridge, helped himself to some mayo and mustard. He found a tomato, pickle and onion. Then went to chopping. "What about crisps?" If only he'd known it would be this pathetic, he wouldn't have dared to be stranded with this joke.

Finally, he got the hot dog situated. Even found some Lays potato chips and ice for his drink.

"I'm only allowed to use the microwave." Jonah finally told him.

"Are you?" He bit into the hot dog then. If only for some hot peppers. Jules stuffed his face with the potato chips. Jonah finally got around to eating. He ate his with nothing. "How old are you, again?" Jules winced. This was like babysitting he decided. He really didn't know if he were cut out for it, being here with Jonah.

Finally, Willow came back and dragged her brother away from the breakfast bar in their immaculate kitchen that Jules supposed he'd made a mess of.

"I told you this was all wrong. You should have taken him out, to eat." Jules heard Willow tell him. "You don't do something like this on a first date."

"A date?" Jules said under his breath as he winced hard. He grabbed more of the salty chips and ate away.

Jonah stepped back in the kitchen.

"This is it?" Jules glared at him.He'd been here a whole whopping twenty minutes. "Time for me to go, I suppose." He'd walk home if he could, but he hadn't a clue where he was.

" have tickets." Jonah sounded happy about it. Jules wondered if he'd have to sit through an idiotic kid's movie at this rate.

"Tickets?" Jules couldn't imagine what might be next.

"Um, I got them free, from where I work. Its a recording studio." Jonah was a sound tech. Evidently, it was an impressive job, so Jules took his word for it. "Its a concert."

"Oh." Jules looked over at Willow. He guessed she would be driving.


ivy's closet said...

Willow seems level headed enough. Interesting dinner.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Jonah sounds a little...suspicious. :/

lucy and sarah said...

Oh Jonah..what a date.

meg said...

I do feel for Jules. But I'm glad he met Willow.

mazzy may said...

I wonder what Jonah's got in mind?

blue hearts said...

This reminds me of a friend who's brother did something like this when he invited a guy over.

ellie said...

you remembered? =)