Saturday, September 24, 2011

beyond the light show

"You think we're nuts for going, don't you?" Finn's question almost made Doyle laugh. He was actually thinking the last time he was at this music hall he was with Roger, and a part of him wanted to only think of this place as part of his past. Honestly, he'd had some good times here with Roger listening to music, now it felt different while they were waiting to in line to get into the Owl City concert.

"No," Doyle winced a smile. "It'll be fun."

"But I feel so old, you know." Finn sighed as he looked back at Doyle with all the teens hoovering.

"I'm sure, we're not the oldest people here." Doyle told him as they shuffled through the box office and went into the reverberated  auditorium. They'd gotten a new sound system. At least the band had to be pleased about that. "Did you want to sit in the balcony?" It was a free for all, but a big show, it was filling up pretty fast with fans. Naturally, Owl City would come on later, at the moment a girl on stage with a synthesizer was making sweet sounds.

"Lets..just walk around." Finn was all cool in his black leather jacket with his dark hair swooped to one side. Doyle took his hand and let Finn lead the way. Before he knew it they were swallowed up at the bar where the people there age were, ready to flash an ID for a beer or a bottled mohito. The line was long. Why were they waiting their, Doyle thought, they rarely drank as it was. If they did, it was at home.

Suddenly, someone caught Doyle's eye in the crowd.

"Is that who I think it is?" Doyle edged Finn then who thought they should at least try the mohitos.

"Where?" Finn squinted hard. Naturally, he wasn't going to wear his contacts tonight.

"On the bleachers." Doyle shook his head. It was Jonah. His hair was shorter now and.."He's with a guy, Finn." Doyle grinned as if he had to be relieved to see that.

"Yeah, right." Finn gave him a soured look before he turned back to ask the bartender for his drink.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Doyle thought he'd be happy to see that.

"I think he's been stalking me." Finn then mentioned as he took a drink of the sweet and sour drink that was a bit potent, but not too much that Doyle couldn't handle it.

"Why didn't you say something?" Doyle wanted to know.

"I dunno. I kept thinking maybe it wasn't him. But it is him." Finn gritted then. Jonah and who ever he was with were coming straight toward them.

"Fancy meeting you two here." Jonah said as if he were high already. Doyle cleared his throat wondering what language was coming out of Jonah's mouth. Doyle grinned. Finn just glared at him as if he had nothing to say. "So uh, I gotta a haircut." He said so innocent enough as if he remembered nothing of the incident over the summer at their home.

"I see." Doyle was the talkative one. Finn nursed his drink.

"And..and this..this is Jules." Jonah kept nodding. He seemed pleasant enough. Doyle couldn't detect anything very off kilter.

Doyle shook Jules' hand. Just then someone came up to surprise Jules from behind. It was Ian. Doyle got the 311 on Jules. How Jules was an old mate of Ian's back home. Doyle chatted with Derrick then. Ian and Derrick tagged along with a boy and girl couple.

They talked about the crowd then. Of course, Finn didn't say much. He stayed indifferent. Finally they went on their way.

"What's the matter?" It couldn't have been a big deal to see Jonah with someone else, could it..thought Doyle.

"I dunno." He'd finished the mohito and was ready for another. "Its just..he doesn't seem Jonah at all."

"Maybe its new meds." Doyle said in Finn's ear as the music was getting louder and the establishment was getting darker as the strobe lights pulsed. It was a party and people were already jumping and moshing in the crowd as the semi goth girl danced around with the microphone.

"Maybe." Finn got them both another bottled mohito. He knew Finn wouldn't say it, but he understood a part of him was sad about seeing Jonah with someone new. In the dancing lights, Finn looked to be dark purple. Doyle put him arm around him. He had a feeling he'd be the one driving home tonight.


FWB said...

I guess that might catch him off guard.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Seeing someone you care for with someone else is always difficult. :/

FWB said...

That be a bit of a guilt trip..wondering what you did wrong with the relationship. But I think he should be over Jonah now.

ivy said...

Hope Finn is OK.

mazzy may said...

Wow, I'd have questions about Jonah, too.

Emily said...

Your definatley going to be a writer :)

Florence said...

Finn :( aw

blue hearts said...

Such a shock, I guess.