Saturday, September 3, 2011

where to stand

It was awkward, seeing Amanda in the doorway of his classroom after school. Elliot couldn't remember the last time he saw her. He was suppose to be mad at her, but he didn't have the strength for it. As it was, he was using all his wits with class. At least things were on a schedule now. It was going to be a good year. He kept telling himself that about his class.

"What are you doing here?" He didn't mean to sound afraid, but maybe he was.

"I'm..I'm just sorry, know." She couldn't talk about Pearl, either, evidently. Elliot got it.

"Well, what do you want?" He hadn't meant to sound so cold, but there were other things to worry about. His lesson plans. Penelope. His students. Pearl. And again, Penelope.

"I -I was thinking, I could take Pearl this weekend. Or sometime soon." Amanda shrugged.

"Why?" He didn't know if he could let Pearl go that easily, after all this time. "She's fine, right where she is. She's on a schedule." This sounded something to call the lawyer about. The judge could decide.

"I thought, might need, some time off, you know." Amanda was being far to sweet, and he didn't believe her.

"No, you decided. You, you can just go on with things. You said you were too busy. So, no. No, Pearl isn't coming home with you." He'd worked far to hard the past few weeks to get her to sleep through the night.

"Why are you being so mean about this?" Amanda festered a glare that about to scowl.

"Well, you decided, you know. It's on paper. I have custody of Pearl." Elliot wasn't going to waver. He went back to some papers to file.

Amanda gritted, taking a step back. There really was nothing to talk about now.

"Look, if you want to see her badly as you say you do." Elliot looked up at her. "Come by and see her."

Amanda nodded, but she didn't really give him an answer. Elliot hated being the bad guy in this. But it was in writing. Amanda had given up weekend privileges with Pearl, even if it would have been nice to have some alone time with Penelope.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Amanda made her choice - things can't always go her way. :/

FWB said...

That can be hard on the baby..scheduling time with each parent.

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Elliot is standing his ground.

lucy and sarah said...

Amanda..amanda..oh its sad for all of them.

meg said...

I think Elliot is right on this one. All though, I feel bad for Amanda too.

Deidre said...

joint custody would be sooo difficult.

Mimi said...

well, yeah it sucks, but it is what it is. :/

<3, Mimi

Belle Armed said...

god, you're talented.