Sunday, October 30, 2011

a bit miffed

"What is it, with you?" Jonah didn't understand why Willow was helping Jules so much. Jules was not her friend. At least, Jonah didn't see the connection.

"Its nothing." She snapped at him. She didn't have time for Jonah these days.

"You spend all your time with him, don't you?" Jonah didn't like the thought of that.

"No, I don't." She protested as if she had better things to do at home than bicker with him. "I'm just helping."

"How? How are you helping him?" Jonah began to shout before he knew.

"If you haven't noticed, he doesn't have as much, as either of us." She hugged herself as if she did it out of pity. "And you can't..because..because you don't drive. You don't.."

"What?" Jonah scowled. Was she saying he didn't care enough?

"Its nothing." She bit her bottom lip.

"Well, I found someone for you." Jonah changed the subject. If she met Ste, it could possibly change everything. "He's coming to the states. Says he'll be here before Thanksgiving. I knew him when I was in London."

She looked at him as if it were some sort of thesis she'd have to produce in a days time. She was stubborn that way. His sister had never had a real suitor. He liked Ste. They got along great. It was just a matter of time, he thought. They'd fall in love. Marriage. Maybe she'd move to London. Forget this nonsense of hers, pursing old arts that no one had a use for. Jonah was only thinking of his sister. After all, he couldn't let her steal his boyfriend, now could he?


Cafe Fashionista said...

This makes me think a bit of a Jane Austen novel - love it! :)

ellie said...

Thank you so much Cafe Fashionista. Jonah is ...I think a real romantic at heart. I think he loves the emotion of it. Just not the physical stuff.

ivy said...

Its interesting how he's actually looking out for Willow.

She is Sara said...

Wow, a little complicated!

Deidre said...

Eep! Complicated indeed.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I think it's nice that he's looking out for her but it's probably best not to meddle!