Monday, October 31, 2011

a new tradition

"Well, we don't want what happened last year." Ian told Max, who sat in the back of the car with Josie, about Derrick's little adventure last Halloween. "Of course, he might like being a superhero." Ian smirked. They were on their way to a concert. No use being kids on Halloween and trick or treating. It would be safer this way. Having a good time at a Halloween concert. There were four bands to take them through the night. Old favorites like Birthday Massacre would open the show. Who could ask for anything better on Halloween night?

Derrick didn't look to happy that he'd mentioned how last year went. It had meant a trip to the Emergency room in the end, as Derrick reminded him. Ian kept smiling. He was after all the driver and felt a bit like the leader. They'd had a good time, on their last outing at a concert. It would be the same this go around. Wouldn't it?

Of course, they met a long line of girls in dark pony tails, black eye-liner and black teddies, revealing more than Ian expected. They'd somehow missed the protocol for tonight's event. Even a few cross dressers were among the group.

"Oh well." To bad Josie had decided to be a pussycat. Max was in an orange tiger suit. "Won't you get hot in that?" Ian looked at Max as they were waiting in line. He shrugged as if he'd do whatever Josie wanted. He told Derrick once more how charming his Charlie Chaplin suit was. Little inked mustache and all.

"You really out did yourself, this time." Ian meant it too, but Derrick remained his sullen self as if something bad was impending. Of course, Ian felt down right silly in his cowboy hat and silly vest. It was all so last minute. He'd raced around, it seemed forever at home, just for this idiotic get-up. Perhaps, he just didn't have the drama for it.

He looked up then to see that new girl from school. She was in his Earth Science class. She'd been hesitant to sit at his table in class, but she seemed nice. "Don't we know her?" He winced. She was alone. Of course, she would be. She didn't have time to make friends.

"I don't." Derrick shrugged.

"Oh, that girl." Josie wasn't making an effort, either.

"Please, Jo- would it hurt to be nice to someone who's female?" He thought Josie had far too many guy friends. Didn't she need someone of her own kind to confide in?

"Fine." He looked at Derrick who looked just about as put out with him as Josie. Ian waved. The girl came over instead of getting to the back of the long line.

"Lola, right?" Ian was not good with names. He introduced her around. "Are you waiting for someone?" Lola shook her head, no. She wanted to see Birthday Massacre, and then go home. He invited her to stay with them. After all, her Mom dropped her off. "Call her. We'd be happy to take you home."

He saw Derrick's nasty pout then. Ian should have expected his reaction. If only Derrick could grow up, he thought. He smiled at Lola more. It didn't matter if he made Derrick suffer. He'd just have to stop being a drama queen.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Looks like Ian is out to make someone jealous. :/

Erika said...

haha that part where they met a girl with black teddy sounds pretty interesting to me :p


Bonnie said...

This is really well written, and it is so perfect for today!
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ivy's closet said...

Ian's such a sweetie.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, that Derrick. I'm glad Ian is nice.