Tuesday, November 1, 2011

getting the act together

Josie didn't like what she saw. The way Ian acted around Lola. Of course, it was Derrick she worried about because he was..after all the jealous one.

"Just stop it." She took him to the girl's restroom line after they got in.

"Stop what?" Derrick was furious with her, dragging him along. After all, wasn't this something Max was suppose to do.

"You know what you're doing. You want to lose him." Josie reminded him he needed to play the nice card.

"That is..just so not me." Derrick shook his head.

"Well, you need to change." Josie informed him.

"Its just.." Derrick shrugged as if the impossible fact remained. "If Ian was as gay as me, we wouldn't have to deal with crap like this."

"So what are you saying? You want to be with someone... who's just as gay as you are?" Josie looked at him a bit puzzled as they waited in line with all the other other girls made up like the lead singer of Birthday Massacre.

"Maybe." Derrick looked sad about it. "I dunno. I hate this about me. But I can't help it."

"Well, don't break up tonight." Josie heard the music starting up. "Have some fun. Just don't worry about Lola." Not that Josie even thought Lola had a chance coming between Ian and Derrick. "Have some fun.... Please?" She knew she was begging now. But it was finally sinking in, it wasn't all about Derrick or her, it was about having a great time with friends. It wouldn't be long until they'd be scattered by the future of college. She just wanted the night to be something they looked back on with fond memories.


ivy's closet said...

Interestingly complicated.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes things are so complicated. :/

lucy and sarah said...

When you have doubts like that, maybe it is time to move on.

mazzy may said...

At least he has Josie to confide in.

molly said...

I can understand where he's coming from.

Winnie said...

At least Josie can help him out!

Bonnie said...

I think we can all understand this situation.

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The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I hope they're ok, I like them together, but I see his point

meg said...

It would be hard to be in a situation like that.