Thursday, October 13, 2011

driving lessons

Jules was thinking of who in the world he could get to help him with driving lessons. Oliver was definitely off limits. He hated driving as it was. And he couldn't ask Kayla, he could see that bewildered look on her face, already. As it was, he seldom spoke to her since she went out of her way to never speak to him. And Ian, well, he was younger and he didn't want to get him in trouble if he banged up his car.

Of course, he was a bundle of nerves in Willow's car, some small SUV that she drove around. Although, it looked as if it could take a bumpy ride.

"You sure, I should be doing this?" Suddenly, Jules dreamed of cops pulling him over and threatening to deport him.

"Didn't your Dad teach you?" Of course, Willow's dad taught her to drive at a very young age. It had been out in the country on dirt roads, but she'd been driving since she was ten.

"No." He shook his head not even wanting to thinking about his own Dad. Besides, he was off limits to ever speak of at home.

"Didn't he drive?" Willow pressed as Jules cranked the key too hard, a gut wrenching noise made his stomach churn, as if he were killing her car.

"I dunno." He said a bit louder than he expected. He began to fidget.

"You'll do fine. Just check your mirrors. Look around," she said. "Behind you." He had it in drive already as he were about to pull away from the curb. He didn't. Thankfully, so. A truck bustled down the street, splashing the car.  He shut his eyes tight, trying not to imagine the worst. Finally, he pulled out, and it wasn't until they went a block or so..he noticed the drops of rain.

He tensed.

"Well, it snows, you know." She told him winters were never mild around here.

He nodded, trying to look at her, but not. He really wanted to just gaze at her, but he couldn't. Not now. Probably not ever.

"Why do you not ever talk about your family?" Willow wanted to know as they drove around the empty town. He had the road to himself.

"I dunno. Nothing to say." He'd rather not discuss his life. It was fine talking about her studies and this friend who only ate chicken nuggets, and the other who ate only vegan.

"But there is. You avoid it at all cost. You can tell me anything, you know." Willow looked at him. He looked at her, almost swerved, but no one was coming.

"Well, its..just shite." He winced.

"What?" She looked at him as if he needed to explained.

"Well...I..I thought I was a Dad, a few months ago, then..I wasn't. So I came here." It sounded like a math problem when he thought about it.

She didn't say anything for the longest while. So he asked her what he should do. How he should be in that van driving, not her car. He'd have to take the driver's test in the van. He couldn't use her car even if he wished he could.

Afterwards, he thanked her profusely, perhaps and went to hide in his room. Instantly, he had a melt down. Some miserable things took forever to go away. But he didn't keep it in. He knew he was a blubbering idiot. He wrapped himself around his pillow and had a good cry.

A tap came to the door. He sniffed. Tears rolled down his face. He didn't want to go to the door. But it was Willow.

He could hardly catch his breath.

"I don't like your left turns." Willow said as if she wasn't aware that he'd been crying.

"But I'm left handed." He blurted. Somehow, she was in his room before he even knew it.

"I know. Nothing, we can do about that. Just need more practice." She looked over the place, what she could see of it.

"More practice?" Jules winced. His throat was raw.

"Yes, I'll be back tomorrow." She snatched the crocheted hat on the hat rack next to the door. He had other hats, why that one, he thought. "Who made this?"

"Uh, someone..I..kind of know." He really was in no mood to even think about Josie.

"Well, I'd like to meet, who ever made this. I want one." She told him.

"Why don't, you, take that one." Jules had never worn it.

"I couldn't." She put it back. Willow sighed then and looked at him. "Look, I have this dinner to go to tonight, you know, the vegan and the one who only eats chicken nuggets. Its nothing fancy, believe me. Not with those two. You want to come?"

"That's all right-"" He shook his head, no.

"They already know about you. You have too." She made it sound like a done deal. She'd be around at eight to pick him up.

"I guess so." Jules suddenly felt calm.

"And wear the crocheted hat. I want to see you in it." Willow smiled as if she could hardly wait.


Sick by Trend said...

always is interesting read your post :)


lucy and sarah said...

I liked the part about his left hand turns. Good that he could confide.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Willow is a sweetheart! :)

FWB said...

She's just what he needed. Hopefully.

mazzy may said...

This made me smile. I'm glad they are going out.

She is Sara said...

Willow seems very sweet :)