Tuesday, October 11, 2011

in the long run

"You sure its OK, if we have the dinner here?" Syd brought a casserole. She was juggling it along with carrying a baby and another not so far behind.

Penelope took the dish. She had bread from the bakery and a couple of salads.

"Yes, Elliot's fine with it." Penelope smiled. It was a weekly Friday night dinner they were starting. A bit of an extended family kind of thing. This way Amanda could see Evan, Rosie and Pearl. It was a potluck of sorts. Kyle and Rox were bringing an apple crisp.

"You sure, its not weird, for him?" Syd told her she was sorry if she'd gotten her too involved.

"He's fine. I think he's happy we can do this." Penelope nodded, but Pearl and Amanda were a tender subject to him. "He might need this more than you think." She went to get Pearl. Evan trailed right behind her.

Just then Derrick showed up with a potato casserole. Max brought in a jello salad. Penelope looked at him wondering where everyone would sit.

"You guys are coming to this?" She blinked, thinking they'd have better things to do on a Friday night than eat with adults.

"We want to see the kids too." Derrick told her. He took Pearl from her and Max started playing with Evan.

Penelope looked around. Still no Amanda. Syd told her there would be no Eric. He had to stay late after work. Syd looked rather peeved.

"Well, Elliot's not here, either." Penelope shrugged, who was beginning to wonder if more than work was a factor in this get-to-gather.


Krystal said...

awkward dinner parties are always fun :)

Erika said...

nice one! can't wait for the next one now :)


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh yay a dinner party! :)

mazzy may said...

I hope this goes well!

lucy and sarah said...

It should be fun, getting together.

Claire Vázquez said...

Many thanks for your last comment on my blog love!
I love this post! we read!

a kiss, Claire

Natalie said...

this made me laugh :)

Gianella Peralta said...

This post brought back a memory from my childhood. We used to have dinner get together once a month. It was fun and exciting :)

Natalie said...

haha I liked laughing, that's what I always kinda loved about Raven she's pretty real with herself and thanks for the note on the video, my friend said she loved it (: