Friday, October 21, 2011

just can't think on it

"When's the last time you've seen Matthew?" Rachel popped the question to Asa one afternoon while he was getting his book club ready.

"Matthew?" Asa winced, thinking of some boy with stringy blond hair who wanted books on transgender issues.

"You know, Ruthie's husband." Rachel reminded him. She was carrying a stack of children's books.

"Oh." Asa drew a blank. "Years, I guess." It felt like it. They'd gone to school together. He knew him from church. They'd like golfing when they were in middle school. "What about him?"

"I know she wouldn't want me talking about him." Rachel shrugged as if it was a lost cause now.

"She?" Asa winced more.

"Ruthie. I know probably wouldn't care..but Matthew left my sister." Rachel looked a bit sullen about it.

"Matthew? But..." Asa sighed. He couldn't believe it. He'd always wanted what Matthew had. Asa knew Matthew was sweet on Ruthie since 8th grade. They did everything together in youth group at church. They were the model couple. "What happened?"

"She won't talk about it. I guess she hopes he'll come back. She says she's OK. She just says he's on a business trip. At least, my folks think so." Rachel told him.

"Do you think he's on a business trip?" Asa wondered.

"No. She says one thing, but she told me not to tell my Mom. I just don't know if..if she can do it. Two little kids and a baby." Rachel frowned.

"I don't even know if Matthew would talk to me." Asa shook his head. "I quit going to that church. There was just no ..reason-" He went to his computer and brought up Matthew's library account. He saw the house phone number and then Matthew's cell phone number which was only on Matthew's account, not Ruthie's. "Look, I'll see what I can do, but I dunno if he'll talk to me. I doubt he remembers who I even am."


meg said...

This is sooo interesting..

Cafe Fashionista said...

Taking a chance is better than never knowing.

P.S. I LOVE the pictures of Tyler Hoechlin here - he has gorgeous eyes! :)

Syed said...

He could try to talking to him, but really if he's gone, she might as well cut loose and find someone who treats her better.

ivy's closet said...

Its good to catch up with old friends.

mazzy may said...

Oh, I'm excited. I hope Asa can help.

She is Sara said...

Asa is always the problem-solver of the group!