Tuesday, October 4, 2011

on the rocks

Kyle knew Rox kept telling him how sick she was gonna be. This was going to make them or break them. Cervical cancer.

True, it wasn't easy on her. But she wasn't in the hospital nearly as much as she told him. He imagined being at her bedside, nearing the end of something. Yet she kept going. Somehow. She was a lot stronger than he expected.

"I knew you were." He told her, but then she'd breakdown, still feeling the worst wasn't over. She was expecting surgery. A big surgery that she told him would make her old, and he'd be better off without her.

This seemed to be their on going battle for weeks. Luckily, his Mom helped out, as well as Rox's sister. Naturally, Amanda couldn't. He hadn't expected it. Really, he wasn't mad about it. It was just a family thing.

They went on with special family dinners. They watched a lot of television together, usually, all in bed.  And things went on.

He knew her worried look. "Whatever happens, we're getting married." He wanted her to have something to look forward too. As the weeks went on, he'd find pictures of places. Perhaps a destination wedding. "We could go to Colorado." She had family there. It would be something quaint.

But she liked it here. She wanted to marry here. It didn't have to be anything big.

"We could get married at our favorite pizza place." Kyle knew it was a lame idea, but the kids loved it. Hopefully, they could go on as family. That was the most important thing to Kyle.


Cafe Fashionista said...

A pizza place would be such an adorable setting for the wedding! :)

lucy and sarah said...

So interesting. Cool about the wedding.

ivy's closet said...

Oh wow, sounds like it might work.

Krystal said...

ha, that would be an awesome wedding!

blue hearts said...

At least they have something to look forward too.

ov said...

How cute!

meg said...

Great place for a wedding.