Monday, October 3, 2011

sweet news

Olivia expected the worst. But it all played out so calm. She supposed her dad had a lot to do with it. Her mom had a baby girl. Her Mom and Steve lived with her Dad.

"I really don't see how its worked out this well." Olivia was still baffled about the situation.  Steve still worked as a janitor down at the police station. She was happy they were all together.

"Best not to bring it up, Sis." Now it was Penelope who was the kind one. They were all around the baby, watching her little head. Her mother was resting comfortably. It was just the two of them in the nursery. Finally, Penlope said. "Man, she's got big head."

"Whats that suppose to mean?" Olivia winced, wondering if something were wrong.

"Nothing, its just big. Like an onion." Penelope just said.

Their mother stirred between them and picked up the baby girl as if she'd had her own grandchild.

"Its the prettiest head I've ever seen." That's when she informed them both they'd had big heads, too.

Olivia gave Penelope and odd look. It was baffling what their mother chose to remember and forget.

"Mom, you can't be serious." Olivia thought it was funny now. Something they all had in common. The big head sisters. "You sure, she's...all right?" Olivia didn't want the baby to be defective, but it was possible. As it was, her mom was keeping it a mystery as to what they'd named her. "Anyway, what did you name her?" The anticipation was getting to Olivia.

"Well, Steve wanted to name her after his favorite cat." Her mother told her.

"A cat? You're naming the baby after a cat?" Olivia was a bit disgusted that they were deciding the baby's name over a cat, but she should have expected it.

Penelope kept in her laugh as long as she could. "Lets hope its better than mine."

"Oh, you girls. You know you love your names. And she will too." Her mother smiled down at the blue eyed fair baby. "We're naming her Fiona."

"Oh." Thank God, Olivia thought. "I like it." She smiled at ease.

"Yes, I'm very glad the cat's name wasn't Fluffy." Penelope gave Olivia a sly smile.


lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad the cat wasn't named Fluffy, either..=)

ivy's closet said...

Its nice to see them together.

Cafe Fashionista said...

What cute inspiration for a name! :)

Krystal said...

that is really cute :)

Lux and Stan said...

I like Fiona for a name.