Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wouldn't it be lovely

Jules aced the driver's, test thanks to Willow. He'd driven her car. Honestly, it was a lovely piece of machinery unlike the old white van.

"I hate this thing." He only told Willow this as he looked at the old van with her, just behind Oliver's bake shop.

"Perhaps, it needs some sparkle." Willow was optimistic. She'd helped him clean up the inside.

"Oh, really, how do you plan to do that?" He looked at her as if you couldn't glam an old thing like this. Besides, what would Oliver think?

"I've seen how perfect you can put on eye-liner." She teased.

"What are you getting at?" He gave his best Clockwork Orange glare.

"You know, those doodle of yours... have some spunk to them." She shrugged as she looked at the blank canvass on the white van.

"Even if I could. I don't have the-" He couldn't. No way.

"You could make it pretty. You have fun with letters." She reminded him he'd even made the F word look rather lovely in that notebook he carried around. He'd been sketching lately, instead of smoking. All her fault, as he recalled.

"I dunno." Really, he should run it by Oliver, first. It was his van.

She went to her car and lifted up the back door. There was everything he needed for the artistic challenge.

"Go for it." She told him.

He looked at the art supplies, wide-eyed. He nodded. Maybe he should just see what happened. Besides, Oliver would make him nervous, and it might end up horrible if he knew.

"All right." Jules bit his bottom lip as he looked back at the van, tilting his head so, envisioning cupcakes, coffee cups and of course..scones all around Oliver's wonderful name.


Cafe Fashionista said...

He is going to create something amazing - I just know it! :)

ivy's closet said...

I like what she said about the eyeliner..heheee...

lucy and sarah said...

Great that Jules is finding his artistic side!

blue hearts said...

I'm glad she wants him to be creative.

Rebekah Brielle said...

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She is Sara said...

This could be great!