Saturday, November 12, 2011

it could be possible

Ellie was pretty sure she should have called her mother, already. But she hadn't. As usual, she'd never hear the end of it. How could she have not gone to her Mom's Vegas wedding?

"You really have to stop letting her put you on such a guilt trip." Blake told her. Of course, he'd made it to the wedding, and still had time to help Lon with the new edition to the house. This meant he'd stayed with them the last few weeks. It was kind of nice having another step-brother around. Just when she thought all their household needs could be met by Kyle, there was Blake when Kyle wasn't around.

"I want to." Ellie was doing her best to manage part-time at the dental place where Syd worked. It had been a struggle, but she was glad to have the job. At least Hannah made sure to get sick after lunch. Yet all their shots were up to date, flu shots included. Everyone seemed so much healthier this year. "How do you do it?" He was the good son. Her mother doted on him when she could. Of course, he was around a lot, then he could be mysterious and aloof, as well. Blake didn't exactly have a job. He didn't have anyone in his life. Ellie was slowly understanding him. She guessed. Honestly, she'd never met anyone quite like Blake.

"In little doses." He'd been free-lancing in Wyoming. He'd helped on the pipe-line. Something about welding. She wasn't sure if he were an artist or a welder by trade. Perhaps both. He'd done a fine job, helping with the new bedroom and bathroom. He'd even moved Hannah into their old room. So now the kids had their own bedrooms. Now Lon was thinking they needed another bedroom on the other side of the house, but first they had to pay this new edition.

"If I only I had time for little doses." She might not look as if she stressed, but she did. She'd always stress a little, she supposed. "But you, where do you keep all your stuff? Don't you want your own home?" He wasn't exactly tramping across the states, but then again, his work boots were plenty wore out and his clothes were wearing thin. Maybe they did need a place for him. A room he could at least come home to, when he was around. But then she remembered what Lon said to her, maybe he liked it this way.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Or maybe he pretends that he likes living this way... :/

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad she cares about Blake. Its nice that he's helping out too.

lucy and sarah said...

Its good to see what is going on with these guys.

Vasu said...

so interesting, i love readin ur posts :)