Friday, November 11, 2011

refresh my memory

"You sure, it'll be all right to have the wedding shower here?" Olivia looked around Roger's place. It felt so empty now. No new roommates since she and Ravi left.

"Why not?" Roger looked at her blankly. "Oh, you think its a bad idea, don't you?" It was as if he remembered, suddenly. "Amber." He rolled his eyes.

"I saw her not long ago." Olivia held in a chuckled. "She got married."

"Huh." She knew he didn't want to talk about her. "God, you don't think Kyle is gonna be pissed about this? I mean, if it would be better-"

Olivia didn't want to talk about the Kyle, Roger and Amber situation. It was done and over. Kyle was marrying Rox, end of story.

"We can manage." Olivia shrugged. Besides, Syd and Ellie's houses were full, babies and everything. "Its just a wedding shower."

"Right." Roger shook his head.

"So, how''s Ryan?" Olivia knew things had changed. Yet, things were better too. They were still together. Both had nine to five jobs now. Ryan was still at the Children's Theater and Roger worked for the company where he'd clerked, but now was in the accounting part.

"Oh, you know, Ryan is Ryan." Finally Roger grinned.

"Good." Olivia looked over the list again. Syd would bring quiche and Ellie promised to bring punch. "So, you don't think you or Ryan will be here for the wedding shower?"

"No, we're going to Mom's for the weekend." Roger told her. "But, Rox's sister will be here. Leon will be around, you know, if you need table and chairs to be lifted."

"How is your Mom?" Olivia wrote down a few more things that might be needed, like cups and table clothes. Plenty of toilet paper for the wedding dress game.

"She's trying to get to know Ryan and Ryan kind of likes it. Ryan hasn't been around her Mom in a very long time. I don't guess that will get any better. Ryan wouldn't call her Mom when she was in the hospital. Still won't. But, she's fine with mine. My Dad too. Of course, my Mom always wants to know how you are doing." Roger went to make tea.

"Note to self. Must remember to send her an invitation to the wedding." Olivia scratched a note to herself with her felt tip pen. She kept smiling.

"What wedding?" Roger winced as he brought the tea to her.

"MY WEDDING." Olivia laughed.

"Are you sure that's ever gonna happen?" Roger smirked.

"Of course, it is. We are planning a December wedding." She informed him. "We've finally decided to have it at my Dad's. And my  adoptive Dad is going to handle the ceremony, if he ever calls me back."

"Your other Dad?" Roger wanted to know.

Olivia gritted a smile. She wasn't exactly talking to her adoptive parents, lately. She need someone to officiate the wedding.


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Love the phot of that guy!


Have a great weekend:)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I've missed Olivia! I hope things work out for the best - this is an important time in her life! :)

ivy's closet said...

Its good to see Roger and Olivia! Wow, Kyle and Roxie. Cool!

lucy and sarah said...

So awesome. I'm glad Roger and Ryan are closer to his parents too.

molly said...

And to think ...they were once a couple.

meg said...

so many wedding about!