Thursday, November 10, 2011

what comes around

"Maybe I should talk to Matt." Rachel finally decided to bring him up a few days later, after dinner with Sam.

"I dunno." Sam didn't like the idea. "You just need to stay out of it. Ruthie doesn't even want to talk about him."

"I know, its just...what could be the problem? They've known each other, forever." Rachel didn't want to fuss about it, but she wasn't one to avoid a problem, either.

Sam turned on the TV. He motioned her over and got her to sit next to him. Soon enough things were cozy. "Maybe they are just..tired of each other."

"I don't believe that." Not her sister. She'd been crazy about Matt. They'd been friends before they were teenagers.

"Well, it happens." Sam sighed. "I wish it didn't, but it does. And who knows, maybe this'll be better on the kids in the long run. Nothing worse than having a dad around who just wants to make everything an issue. I'm glad my Mom and Dad got divorced. Hell, I wanted my Dad out of that house before I even started school. My mom deserved better. A lot better than my Dad."

Rachel looked at Sam, who hugged her close. She was glad Sam was nothing like his Dad.


meg said...

I'm definitely glad Sam isn't like his dad, either.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sam is such a good guy! :)

ivy's closet said...

I think she found a good one when she found him.

lucy and sarah said...

Sam does bring up a good point.

mazzy may said...

Sam is the sweetest.