Saturday, November 26, 2011

Its a shame, its a pity

Leon didn't know what to make of Jared at first. Had he came all this way to stir up trouble?

As it was Leon knew they were strangers at Amanda's house, but he was glad they could do something for the holiday. As it was Roger was being his miserable self, or so Leon thought. He wished Roger could have been nice around Jared.

"I can see you're going through...something." Leon finally got around to talk, trying to get Jared to open up. Jared put on a good game face around Jai. And it was good for Jai to see his Dad. Of course, Jared roughhoused around with Jai for the most part. Still Jai, was happy to stay with Rosie, instead of going back with them.

"Jai really feels at home, you know, with Rox and Kyle." Leon hoped Jared wasn't here to break that up.

"I know." Jared got on the defensive, though.

"But I know he's glad, you're here." Leon supposed they had a lot of catching up to do. Although, Jared didn't make plans to come back and see Jai.

Of course, bringing back some chunks of Amanda's pumpkin cheese cake helped. They made a feast on it after Tyra went to get ready for bed. They were quiet for some time.

"You know, I can't choose." Jared squinted hard as he finished off a glass of cold milk.

"About what?" Leon looked at him a bit confused.

"DeAnn wants me to choose, you know. Its either her and Nan..or ...Jai." He shook his head. "When, we first got together, she knew about Jai..she, she said wasn't a problem. But now, its a problem. She left me. She's making it hard to see the baby." He sighed. "I just wish, I to make it right, you know."

Leon didn't know what to say. He felt sad for Jared.

"We'll call Amanda, tomorrow. I have a feeling she'll be happy if we take the kids off her hands." Leon put the pie away. He knew Jared needed family, and Leon supposed he was sort of Jai, uncle. Maybe that was enough to be family.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a wonderful gesture! Amanda deserves a break. :)

Florence said...

awwww amanda!

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ivy's closet said...

Leon is really a good friend and all around guy.

lucy and sarah said...

I think Jared needs some one there to listen to him, too.

Sick by Trend said...

Amanda is awesome


Have a great weekend :)

mazzy may said...

I think Jared needs a friend like Leon.

DailyGlamour said...

Great post !

DailyGlamour said...

Great post !