Wednesday, November 16, 2011

now would be good

Willow knew this was no time to get Jules alone, but hopefully, she could see him later. As it was, it was all so very diplomatic at the airport. Jonah was in stride, happy to see Ste. Even more happy to introduce him to her.

Next thing she knew they were at dinner. At least Jonah hadn't wanted to go to MacDonald's. To Jonah, that was splurging. At least it was a bit more fine dining, he had in mind. She hadn't a clue why he chose the steakhouse. Of course, he wanted her to only talk to Ste and no one else. She looked over at Jules who kept yawning while he studied the menu.

At least, his friend, Ste seemed normal enough. They had lots of catching up to do. Talk, she half listened too. All the while she kept watching Jules. This wasn't the place to set Jonah off. It would be a disaster with her name written all over it.

"Why would it be such a bad thing if he knew, about us?" Jules found the whole ordeal with Jonah ridiculous. They talked in the car after she dropped Jonah and Ste at home. Of course, Jonah wanted her to hurry back to chat with Ste.

"Because, he's sensitive." Willow kept being reminded of it, for ages now. It would be what her mother wanted. It was best to keep the peace with Jonah.

"Well, aren't we all? Just a little?" He was getting aggravated. "You can't treat him like a baby, all his life. You can't always get what you want." Jules pouted.

"If we could just get through the holidays," she decided. "Then we can, I guess, tell him." After all, she had a life too. Suddenly, she wanted to make sure Jules was a part of her life.

Of course, they cuddled which lead to more happiness. Soon enough, she'd forgotten the time once they got to his room. This was where she wanted to be. She could put her brother and his friend on hold.


Mimi said...

oh gosh, i haven't been here in forever! i have a lot of catching up to do! :)

<3, Mimi

lucy and sarah said...

Its easy to get sidetracked, sometimes.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes a little romance is all that you need to stop worrying about external complications. :)

Vasu said...

Lovely one :)

FWB said...

Oh, I think they should just tell him everything.

hollyaoks fan fiction said...

I don't think they'll even notice when Jonah finds out.

J said...

haha cute cuddling!

Cait said...


Holly said...

Things are heating up!!

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