Tuesday, November 15, 2011

never quite satisfied

"What did you do to her?" Oliver was in a tizzy over Willow's offer. "What have you done?" He put Jules on the spot.

"Nothing." Jules thought it best to keep some things from Oliver. "She's only concerned. And she loves what you're doing. She does. Why else would she want to be a part of it? Right?"

Jules didn't want to make Oliver anymore upset than he was. Of course, he questioned Jules about working on his own. Did he really need anymore help? Honestly? Jules nursed on an energy drink. Although, he didn't like them. He would rather be in bed, right now. With someone who gave him a whole new kind of energy. But he didn't want to dare think it. Yet, it clearly occurred to Jules, it might not happen again. Especially, if Willow was going to into business with Oliver. Still, he was beaming that she wanted Oliver to make him a partner. He was ecstatic yet nervous.

He watched Oliver get on his laptop and look at the figures for his shop. There were graphs a charts showing how much he was spending and his making, as well. It was a bit mind boggling to Jules, but he thought if he had a chance..he could figure it out.

"I just don't want to go in the hole." Oliver shook his head.

"But she wants to give us money." Jules reminded him. "That's got to be a good thing."

"Then buy us out. That's what she'll do." Oliver shot him a look.

"Don't say that." Jules winced hard. "Willow is not like that. She's not." In his mind she was beautiful and everything wonderful. He wanted to keep her in that place, always.

Suddenly, a tap came to the store window. It was Jonah.

"Shit." Jules breathed under his breath.

"What? Who is it?" Oliver fretted as if no one was suppose to show up around here, after they were closed.

"Jonah." Jules sighed as if he really didn't want to see him.

"Come on." Jonah ordered as soon as Jules cracked the door open.

"Huh?" Jules winced, confused.

"We have to pick up Ste." Jonah told him.

"Who?" Jules still confused.

"At the airport. He wants to meet you." Jonah demanded.

"God, really? Must we?" Jules needed sleep. There was only one thing that might rejuvenate him, and it wasn't Jonah.

Jules shut the door and shook his head. He went to grab his old hoodie.

"I'll be back." He hoped this didn't take long. He hoped. But he found himself smiling as soon as he saw who was driving.


Virgit said...

love your blog

lucy and sarah said...

Jules & Jonah..it doesn't look like it'll be fun.

Cafe Fashionista said...

We'll see how this plays out. :/

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S said...

I wonder if it plays out...;)

ivy's closet said...

Yeap, I do wonder if it'll be kiss n tell.

Cuppykirsten said...

I wonder how it ends... ^^

With love, Kirsten

Krystal said...

interesting situation!

nancy said...

you're a very talented writer :) I enjoy this story!

also, if you're putting off Blue Valentine so you won't get depressed - I say avoid it completely! haha it was very depressing. Crazy, Stupid, Love was hilarious though, I can definitely recommend that one :)

meg said...

Trouble's brewing.

Bex said...

Oh Jonah...Jules and Willow..gotta wonder what's next..