Monday, November 14, 2011

of course, its an occasion

"What have you done?" Jonah sensed it. He scowled at his sister when he found her, practically laying on the couch eating a tuna sandwich. "You did something behind my back." He had a knack for this sort of thing, or so he thought.

"What do you mean?" She scowled back a little, but not much. Her mouth was full and she looked miserably tired.

"What did you do?" She was so messy. He disliked that about his sister.

"Nothing." She winced hard, eating her sandwich as if she were starved. "Its been a long couple of days, OK."

"Mom, doesn't like you eating in the living-room." He reminded her. His mother wanted the place perfect for the unexpected. "Beside, I'm expecting Ste. You have to clean up. Can't have you looking a mess." His friend from London was visiting. Had she forgot?

Willow looked up at him, trying to finish her sandwich. "All right, just let me finish."

"There is no time, I want to get the airport. Remember, we need to pick up Jules." Jonah shook his head, he'd been talking about Ste's visit for weeks. Willow was no help, at all.

Willow went to put her unfinished sandwich in the trash.

"Does Jules even know?" She glared at him.

"Of course, I mentioned it." Jonah looked at her as if the joke was on her.

"When?" Willow gave him a frantic look.  Jonah rolled his eyes.

"Put on something nice." Jonah wished people took him more seriously. He certainly took them serious enough.


Sick by Trend said...

yummyyyy, tuna sandwich haha :D


ivy's closet said...

Wow, almost there on the nano novel!

Jonah is something.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, Jonah. I'm afraid it'll be trouble looming.

Cafe Fashionista said...

You can't spring stuff like this on girls, Jonah. :/

Syed said...

^ Haha, was about to say the same thing. My sister would require months and months of notice.

Winnie said...

That's a pet hate of mine too, people who eat really messily!

meg said...

UH-OH..someone has their wires crossed or panties in a wad.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I think he needs to chill out a bit!

Sara said...

He is sooo pushy!