Wednesday, November 30, 2011

up until now

Josie knew it was coming. She sensed it long before it actually happened. She was losing Max.

Maybe it was the fact he knew too much about her. She couldn't help it. He was such a good listener. And she needed someone to listen. But here she was being his chauffeur now. Josie looked up in her review mirror to see Daisy in her stupid hat, all giggly with Max. They were holding hands.

Josie fumed in disgust, but she couldn't dare let Max know how she felt about this situation.

True, it was cold and traces of snow about, but Daisy wore that stupid hat with the ears, long before the weather took a turn for the worse.  Josie gritted, wishing she hadn't said she would drive them to the mall. Daisy wanted to go to Hot Topic. A place her parents forbid.

"Its not like I'm Goth or anything," Daisy said a few minutes later when they were out of the cold, and she was looking at EMILY THE STRANGE T-shirts.

Josie wanted to tell her she knew Daisy was just a nerd. What in the world did Max see in her? But Josie remained closed mouth.

Of course, he was full of confidence. He was going to start Driver's Ed in January. She couldn't imagine him driving a car, especially in ice and snow.

Josie tried not to sulk so noticeably, but she was beginning to hate everything, once again. Her life, Max, the ugly desire to still find Jules and make him want her. It disgusted her that she still wanted him when it was easy to see he was not going to change his mind. Besides, she'd moved on. Hadn't she?

Not exactly. She was trying. And she had Max. Or she did? There were no guarantees. She looked back at the two of them, so cozy. It wasn't easy to accept this. Letting Max be completely smitten with someone. But she knew he wouldn't listen. He saw how he looked at Daisy.

"Can I help you find anything?" The voice took Josie by surprised as she turned to see someone with a thick head of curls. She couldn't help but smile. The clerk was edgy. Well, he did work at Hot Topic. But still, something lifted her spirits about him.

"Are you in a band?" She couldn't help but ask. He looked like someone she should know. But not exactly. Josie tried her best not to look so interested. Except she was. Even weak at the knees.

"Why yes, I am." He seemed pleased that she asked.

"Huh?" She wanted to breathe him in. His name was Topher who talked quite a bit about his band. She didn't care if they weren't big time. Just the local scene. They were the Wrist Cutters.

Josie left without buying a thing, but it was Topher's phone number written on her wrist that she couldn't stop staring at. Josie smiled with pleasure. Priceless.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It's always flattering to receive the phone number of a band boy. :)

lucy and sarah said...

Always great to find a hot guy at HOT TOPIC...

ivy's closet said...

Topher sounds very interesting.

Sara said...

Aww he is a cute newbie!

meg said...

He looks so cool.